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Touch Korea Tour : TOP 3 dishes i want to try in korea

Hello everybody! Today i want to talk about my CRAZINESS about south korea part 1 : FOOD! ^^ Originally, if i go to south korea,i really want to try all the street snacks,BBQ,soup, and desserts too.. LOL. but now,i will talk about TOP 3 korean dishes that i want to eat.

Hot and spicy rice cake / 떡볶이 / Ddukbokkie

currently i’ve been raving this street snack soooo much! i always love ddukbokkie, and if i go to korean restaurant i always ordered ddukbokkie for snack/side dish. although i often eat this dish in Indonesia, i still want to try the ‘original’ ddukbokkie in korea. i want to eat this at night with busy streets atmosphere and at one side of the streets, the ddukbokkie stand being crowded with people happily eating this snacks. Can you imagine that? that would be awesome foodie experience in korea.

Sweet and crispy chicken / 닭강정 / Dakkangjung

 This is the second dish that i want to try in korea. I never eat this before so i don’t know how it taste, but looking from the pic and the name,i’m sure this dish is delicious and really crispy. First i knew this dish is from korean cooking site, that day i went looking for japchae recipe and after i get the recipe i end up searching other recipes and this really caught my attention 😉 and instead of cooking it myself, i better get to know the original taste before (and it will be great if i can taste it directly from korea!)

Grilled pork belly / 삼겹살 / Samgyeopsal gui

Ah,i really can’t resist this dish! i really love samgyupsal,hahaha.. just looking the pic makes me hungry.. this is so mouth watering.. omo.. The reason i pick this dish is because i love  pork, and also i like the way you eat this. First you take the lettuce,and you stuffed it with samgyupsal,chili paste,garlic,mushroom, and even rice,wrapped it and finally eat it altogether. So fun! ^^ You should try it too 😉

That’s my TOP 3 dishes that i want to try in korea. What do you think? and what your top 3 dishes that you want to try yourself in korea? Please let me know! 😉