the faceshop review

Review & Swatches – The Faceshop x Disney CC Long Lasting Cushion

Hey guys! I’m back again with another cushion review. Honestly.. i can never resist neither a greatly raved product or beautifully designed packaging. I become really curious and eventually i’m unconsciously bought it. I know that i’m just getting my gudetama cushion a short while ago, but i just can’t say no to this.. (my gudetama cushion review : here)


Review – The Faceshop Smile Foot Peeling

Hi Everyone. Today i will give a review for the faceshop smile foot peeling. I got this when i’m in Korea. I bought this because when i’m korea, i walked so much, makes my leg hurt and i feel that i really gained callouses everywhere on the back of my foot, so i decided to buy this and see whether it can make any difference to my foot or not. Unfortunately, i forgot to use this after i came home for a while and just tried this today >.< (more…)

Review – The Faceshop Chia Seed Watery Toner

Hi Everyone! Today i want to give a review for The Faceshop Chia Seed Watery Toner.

As long as i can remember, i rarely use toner for my skin care routine. The most recent toner that i have used is SK II miracle water that i used to treat my acne but it’s so pricey so i gave up after i finished my third bottle (it didn’t clear my acne anyway). After that i stopped using toner for a while, then last summer i went to Korea for holiday and i came across this Chia Seed Toner for the first time. At first i didn’t buy a full size toner, i got it as a sample because i shopped quite a lot there >.< And then when i came home, i started to test out the sample one by one and when i tested the toner i immediately think (more…)