korean skincare review

Review – 3CE Real Soft Cleansing Sherbet

Hi Everyone! Today i will give a review for 3CE cleansing product, Real Soft Cleansing Sherbet.

I got to know 3CE products quite a long time ago. The first product that i’ve tried is 3CE primer, but i only used it several times because i didn’t see any noticeable difference on my skin. Then this cleansing sherbet i bought it last year when i went to Korea for holiday. I went to stylenanda flagship store in hongdae. The store was really crowded with locals and tourists especially tourist from China >.< . The store attendant is really quick and helpful. But don’t hope too much and ask too many questions because they’re so busy running here and there to help so many people to get their product request (unless the shop is not crowded at that day). (more…)

Review – The Faceshop Chia Seed Watery Toner

Hi Everyone! Today i want to give a review for The Faceshop Chia Seed Watery Toner.

As long as i can remember, i rarely use toner for my skin care routine. The most recent toner that i have used is SK II miracle water that i used to treat my acne but it’s so pricey so i gave up after i finished my third bottle (it didn’t clear my acne anyway). After that i stopped using toner for a while, then last summer i went to Korea for holiday and i came across this Chia Seed Toner for the first time. At first i didn’t buy a full size toner, i got it as a sample because i shopped quite a lot there >.< And then when i came home, i started to test out the sample one by one and when i tested the toner i immediately think (more…)