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Review -Pure Smile Choosy Lip Mask

Hi everyone,

Today i will give my opinion for pure smile choosy lip mask. First of all, i bought this while i were in Japan but never had the will to use it until now. I believe that the lip mask had 1 more variant which is herb, i gave it to my friend a while ago so i only left with these 4. At first, i randomly picked this while i’m in the drugstore/cosmetic store and i thought the brand name is choosy, but sometime later i realized that the brand is pure smile, the same brand that produce the famous character mask in Japan. I also had the masks but haven’t try it yet even once because i bought only each one of them and i think i’m not ready to use it yet because it’s too cute *WTH *LOL


Review – Dasoda Long Mascara

Hey guys! Long time not posting something to my wordpress >.< please forgive my not so routine post. Today i want to share with you my experience with dasoda long mascara. (more…)

Review : Ettusais Premium – Amino Caviar Cream

Hi guys! I still can’t move on from my japan trip and currently i’m testing out all of the skincare and makeup things that i bought while i’m in japan, so here i am.. today i will give a review of ettusais amino caviar cream. (more…)

Review – Majolica Majorca Rouge Majex Lipgloss BE706 & PK313

Hi guys! Today i will continue to give you my review about the japanese beauty product that i bought when i were in japan. This time will be a lipgloss from majolica majorca. I picked this lipgloss randomly and because of the good deal (only 880 yen each). As i said in my previous post, i’m totally blank when it comes to japanese beauty products, so i picked up products based on other people recommendation (watching youtuber recommendation was really fun) or i bought the same thing or same brand as my relatives asked me to buy for them. But for majolica majorca, i’ve heard the big name before and out of all their makeup stuff, i picked up this 2 lipgloss.


Review – Ettusais Black Liquid Eyeliner

Hi guys! Today i wanna share with you my review about Ettusais black liquid eyeliner. I got this eyeliner while i were in japan last week. Honestly i’m not a fan of liquid eyeliner myself. I always use gel eyeliner as long as i remembered. I’ve tried some liquid eyeliner in my earlier makeup life though, but i didn’t like it so i’d stick with gel eyeliner until now. (more…)