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Japanese haul (Snacks, Cosmetics, Skincare, etc)

Hi guys! Long time no see! I just came back from Japan and now i want to share with you my haul when i were in Japan. I really couldn’t resist japanese beauty products and also the snacks, really cute and awesome! This time is my 2nd trip to Japan after almost 8 years. Back then i didn’t know much about makeup and skincare. I only remembered that i bought several cute items like stationery, cute pouch, keychain, etc. This time is different *smirk* I bought A LOT of stuff, mostly are snacks #fatassdontmind and also skincare, and some of cosmetics, etc.  (more…)

Autumn in Seoul – Seoul Lantern Festival

Hey ho!

I just came back from Seoul few days ago and as i promised, i will post my highlight activity while in Seoul, and this time i’m so lucky because when i go to Korea, Seoul lantern festival is being held when i arrived. I manage to visit the festival on the third day since my arrival. Seoul lantern festival is yearly festival and will be held once a year around fall season. The location of the festival is on cheonggyecheon stream and cheonggyecheon plaza (1.2 km). I go there by subway and i get off at Jonggak Station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Exit 4. It turned out that the stream near jonggak station is almost the end of one side. So i go finish one side and turn back to another side. Here’s few pics from the festival : (more…)

Autumn trip to Seoul

Hi everyone!

How time flies and even i’m not yet fulfilled my promise to post my last korea trip pics part 2, and yet here i am, i will be returning to Seoul in 3 days. But this time, i’m returning for some business (and also shopping) there LOL. But i will try to take pics as usual because autumn in korea really really beautiful! And this time, i will try to make some reviews about places in seoul instead of pictures only. So, stay tuned everyone! *wink*