clarins exfoliating cream with microbeads review

Review – Clarins Gentle Refiner Exfoliating Cream with Microbeads

Hi everyone! Today i will write a review about Clarins gentle refiner or commonly described as face scrub 😀

Firstly i will mention my face condition now. My skin type is very oily with enlarged pores and also i’m struggling with bad acne for about 2 years. Back then my face never get severe breakouts, only occasionally when i have my period, but got one time, suddenly my face surrounded by pimples especially on the chin area. I was so stressed then. But gradually my face getting better but for now i’m still struggling with the scars and the pores. I didn’t have a good skincare regime and i’m planning to make one. A good skincare begins with good cleansing, thus i’m in search for good cleansing product. Then i come across this clarins gentle refiner. At home i already have Laniege multiberry yoghurt peeling gel as my ‘refiner’ but somehow i still want to search for a better combo for my skin. The laniege works okay for my skin but after a while, i didn’t feel any good change. But i will still finish my laniege tube as my daily ‘refiner’ because i was told that i can’t use clarins refiner for everyday cleansing ritual, only twice a week. So far i already use it a few times and i like it. (more…)