B&W Sunday

Hi everyone!

Today is sunday, and i just spent full day at home after going to church and decided to play a bit with my camera and take some pics of my miss teenager, Chloe. Yeah, Chloe the dachshund! This time i feel like to take mono pics a.k.a B&W. This time i didn’t let her going freestyle outside the bar because she’s really uncontrollable if i set her free, and she really DID attacking my other dachshund a few times. I dunno why she’s being so aggressive lately, she used to be an obedient pup. But instead, she never attacking people. So, now she’s living separately with Mini the dachshund (still in the same house though). Here’s few pics of her with begging face to let her out..


Mommy, lemme outta here pleaseeeeee?


Review : Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

Hi all! Today i will do my very first review of makeup product.. I really into the makeup since a few years ago but i was too lazy to do some review (>.<) But as the time goes by, i feel like to do some reviews anyway.. because every time i want to buy new makeup products, i usually will search for a review on that product, so i thought it will be helpful too for other peoples if i do some review and opinion about the product that i’m using right now πŸ™‚ (more…)