C Drama Review

C Drama Review : 步步惊心(Bu Bu Jing Xin)


Hi everyone!

Today i decided to write a review for 步步惊心 after finished watching it a few days ago. It made a very deep impression in my head and my heart as well. It’s my lucky fate to know and to watch this drama. First, i want to mention, this is not a recent drama, it started to air back in 2011, based on the novel with same chinese title by Tong Hua. It was my fortunate fate to bumped into this drama link while i’m googling for a decent period drama. Initially i was bored with recent k-dramas and start to search for K-period dramas but alas, most of the decent one i already watched before. And then, i start gambling with C-period dramas (I never, ever watched any C-period dramas besides pearl princess, judge bao, and journey to the west. What a great childhood memories LOL). I saw 步步惊心 synopsis and i immediately realized, this is what i’m looking for. Truthfully, i always fantasizing about this exact kind of plot, and always curious as how it will be if it’s really happen. And… it’s really happening now! (at least someone make it happen in this drama i mean :p )

So, this is the short synopsis about the drama : (more…)