Kylie Cosmetics

Video – Kylie Cosmetics Glosses Review & Swatches on Asian Skin

Hello everyone! i’m back with video review & swatches! Yes, it’s the Kylie Cosmetics Glosses! I hope that you enjoy my video and find it helpful. I will post a blog review about it also, so if you prefer to read than watch, don’t worry! I got your back 😀

I’ll see you in my next post :*

Review & Swatches – Kylie Gloss Shade Like

Hello everyone! i’m so excited for this review i’m about to do in a sec.. because i’m finally bought the Kylie’s gloss! I’m always skeptical about the liquid lipstick, because my lips are really dry and not attractive at all, and i think i’m not meant to be using liquid lipstick because the formula is tend to be drying the lip so i always held back to the Kylie’s matte liquid lipstick. Now she launches the gloss version, i’m so excited to try it.