First Impression/Review – Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Hey guyss! how are you doing?! I’m so sorry for the lack of new post lately.. I went to Japan last month, the end of october and unable to blog at all from there, and after that i went to my hub’s hometown for 1 week because my father in law suddenly passed away.. I feel sad and uninspired to blog because of what happened. Today i pushed myself to do this first impression/mini review post because i’ve been preparing to try all of these new products that i bought recently and share my thoughts with you all.

First of all, i know that some of you think ‘this is not new product, why would she bother to reviewed it though all other reviews been up there all over the internet’. Yeap, the Kanebo Suisai is not a new product at all, but i never feel intrigued with it until recently i saw one particular online shop on the instagram frequently post the pic of people’s order on Kanebo Suisai. So many packs sold, i begin to feel curious about it. And then not too long ago, i finally purchased it while i’m in Japan. They have 3 different packaging, 1 is older packaging, 1 is newer packaging (and some improved formula they said) and this is what i bought, and last one is the collagen type. As the price for the collagen type is nearly 2x the normal one, i gave up the collagen type and took the (new) normal one.