Post Pregnancy Skincare Haul

Hey guys! I’m back after long hiatus since my pregnancy.  Now it’s been 3 months since the labor and i started to concerns about my skin again. When i’m pregnant, i rarely use my usual skincare and i did my best to use as minimal as i can because even though i can check the ingredients through , i still worried that i use wrong product that can harm my fetus. I will share my pregnancy skin journey here later, so stay tuned!

I’ve been eyeing for good skincare since the end of my trimester, but i don’t have the time for skincare at all for the first and second month after my labor. Now entering the third month, i realise that i need to start taking care of my skin now. Since my hiatus, there’s so many awesome brands that launched hyped products that i don’t get a chance to try. As for now, i picked some of the products from hyped brands that intrigued me most.


L to R : Huxley scrub mask, Dr Jart+ ceramidin serum, PyunkangYul ATO cream blue label, Whamisa organic flowers toner original

First, i picked huxley scrub mask because i need good exfoliator. Since the labor, i don’t have the privilege to take care of my skin. I usually only take a quick shower and wash my face. No time for scrub, toner, moisturiser, etc. Now it’s time for good scrubbing time. I’ve used it once yesterday and i’d say i like the smell. The texture is a bit rough but good for exfoliating. Just don’t scrub too hard to your face. It didn’t leave your skin feel striped after exfoliating, that’s a plus.

Second, it’s Dr Jart+ ceramidin serum. At first i didn’t mean to pick this. I considering between cicapair or PKY gel, but the online shop admin that i talked to told me about this. I told her about my skin condition, how it’s dehydrated despite being oily, also i have some fine wrinkles as well, not to mention clogged pores too. Then she suggested that i use Dr Jart + ceramidin series. I picked the serum because currently i don’t have any serum in my skincare regime.

Third, it’s PKY ATO cream blue label. Actually i bought this for my son. He’s suffering from redness and tiny little bumps on his forehead and body. I saw this advertised and guaranteed safe for babies. I bought this from the same store that i bought the ceramidin serum, and she said that it’s indeed safe for babies and can eliminate redness and bumps too. So far he already used it twice and it seems working well, but i will update you again after i’m really sure if it’s really works well.

Last but not least, i bought new toner from Whamisa. It’s really intrigued me because the brand only used natural ingredients and free from artificial preservatives. I decided to buy the original one because i’m afraid the deep rich toner is too rich for me. I also curious about the mask and mist but i try to hold on a bit, LOL.

That’s all for my new skincare items. Will review it soon after i have a good amount of time using it.


See you in my next post!




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