Innisfree my cushion case ft Longwear cover cushion

Hello guys! really long time no see.. I’ve been really not motivated these days and i don’t know but i feel that i’m stuck somewhere. I just don’t know what to do to make more useful content for my blog other than reviewing products. Oh well, i think i will talk more about it in separate post, meanwhile i will talk about Innisfree my cushion case & the cushion itself.

As some of you may know, this innisfree cushion case & refill already been out there for a long time, but i just joined the hype recently. I never tried Innisfree cushion before and i really got intrigued right after Innisfree released my cushion case. There’s so many case that you can choose based on your preference, and for me, i choose the recent spring collection case. I got the case & the cushion online and i think the case is limited edition for spring only, because i don’t see the case in my country’s Innisfree store. Actually i got this case online first, then i got to see the whole ‘Innisfree my case’ collection at the store because the store just got opened around a month ago here in my country and i don’t find the case that i bought online, so i assume that is limited edition and i’m glad that i bought it online because it’s a little bit cheaper also LOL.

First, i really love the case that i bought. It’s slim, It has quite big mirror unlike some of cushion case, and also it has doff finish. I also really love the baby pink color, and i don’t think that the original line up has baby pink color case. It’s really perfect case for spring time or if you’re a pink/pastel color lover.


for this one, it has reflective gold color, very pretty in person

DSCF1246DSCF1247DSCF1248DSCF1249-2  Overall, i really love this cases, and have no regret buying it as the price also really reasonable.

Move on to the cushion itself. I choose to buy the longwear cover cushion because of my oily skin type. They have 2 type of cushion refill for this case, long wear cover cushion (for sebum control) and water fit cushion (for glowing skin). For this cushion, they have quite wide range of shade selection which i’m impressed as most of cushion type foundation only has 3 shades the most.


I got it in shade 21 natural beige as always. I majorly choose N21 or N23 depending the sample color shown online and depends on my skin color at that time.


As you can see, my hands got tanned because of recent holiday to the beach. So currently N21 is a bit light for me. I have worn it a few times and i think the coverage is somehow decent, but i don’t really like the finish as it didn’t smooth out my skin. It’s somehow emphasize my skin textures. It lasts a decent hours on my skin (with help of finishing powder). Overall i think this is an okay cushion, but not to worn for an important event.

Conclusion :

Name : Innisfree My cushion case & Long wear cover cushion refill

Origin : South Korea

Price : case 7.500 won/ refill 9500 won (bought online & converted)

Pros : so many cases that you can choose based on your preference, slim case, refill has wide range of shades, affordable price

Cons : long wear cover cushion emphasize my skin texture

Ratings : 5/5 for the pink case 3/5 for the long wear cushion refill


I’ll see you in my next post!


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