Review – April Skin Magic Snow Fixing Foundation

Hey guys, as i promised on my previous post, i will be reviewing one of my march haul product that i’ve tested these past week. It’s the April Skin magic snow fixing foundation. If you followed me for a while, then you might knew that i already tested the original April Skin magic snow black cushion, and i don’t like it.. at all. But after a while of disappointment, i decided to try this new version of April Skin foundation.

First, as usual i’m drawn to the rosy packaging, and also this version is not a cushion but a tension foundation pact similar to Missha original tension pact. Price wise, i think it’s right in between. It’s definitely not cheap but i’ve seen so many higher priced similar products like that.

SO, let’s jump in to the review :

DSCF1210-4 I bought this in the shade 23 as usual. I used to have the original April Skin cushion in the shade 23 as well, but the color didn’t quite match (i feel that it’s a bit dark for me) and it makes my skin looks dull and unattractive. They have 3 colors for this series, but usually i’ll only pick the darkest shade. Now i didn’t have choice but to pick shade 23 also, or else i’ll be a geisha for wearing shade no 21 and no 22 is a pink based so.. 23 go go go!


It has matching pink puff which is cute, but i keep it clean until now because i prefer to use a damp makeup sponge for application. I use my real techniques makeup sponge and i really love it!


Shade no 23 for this series is still a bit light for me (it’s a bit darker in person than in the photo because of the light). I like it because it gives my face slightly fairer skin tone. It has no smell which is always good, and also it has SPF 30 PA++, a nice amount of protection for the face.



First, i really surprised with the coverage of this foundation. It has really great cover and i only need a tiny bit of product on each section of my face and spreads it all over. Even with the damp beauty sponge that usually sucks out the product and sheers out the intensity of the foundation, the coverage game is still strong. I only need to repeat on the really dark hyper pigmentation and acne scars that i have. On regular day kind of makeup i can skip concealer, so it suitable for speedy makeup routine.

Be careful though not to layer it too much because it’ll get cakey and looks unnatural. The finish definitely not super matte, but right after you applied it you can see that it feels like soft matte foundation which i like. Staying power also good, despite it did a poor job for oil control. Even after i sets my face with setting powder, it still gets oily in short amount of time, maybe around 3 hours. And it’s really shines everywhere -__- (and it crumbling up on my nose). It’s adhere nicely on the areas except the nose, even when you blot, very minimal product will transferred to your blotting paper. It tends to cling on drier patches, but when you have a good skin day, this foundation will look flawless on you.

Overall, it’s a good foundation for normal skin, but if you have very oily skin like me, you’ll need a good setting powder, and you also need to carry around blotting paper/tissue paper to blot regularly, and also to touch up because it tends to fade around the nose area quickly.

Conclusion :

Name : April Skin Magic Snow Fixing Foundation

Origin : South Korea

Price : around 21,000 won (converted)

Pros : great coverage, attractive packaging, no fragrance, great adherence

Cons : no oil control, tends to cling on drier patches, crumbling up on the nose in no time

Ratings : 3.7/5




  1. I’ve never tried april skin yet, but I would def be lured in by that super cute pink packaging lol. Great full coverage review!

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