Review – Alive:Lab Silipuff

Hey guys! Today i want to talk about the newest trend among the beauty community, the silisponge a.k.a silipuff. Basically it’s a makeup applicator made from silicone, so it’ll never be worn out (unless u’re savage LOL), no stain on the silipuff, not absorbing your makeup products unlike regular sponge or puff, hygiene all the time, just wipe it with wet tissue or alcohol.

Originally, the idea and the first ever silisponge product was developed by Molly cosmetics. I saw many youtubers did a review about it and i became curious enough about it, but because of my limitation to access Molly cosmetics’s silisponge, i didn’t pay much attention about the silisponge anymore, until i saw this online. This is silipuff from korean brand called Alive:Lab and i must say, this silipuff is exactly looks like the Molly cosmetics’s silisponge. Although i don’t know whether the material composition of the product is completely the same (if there’s any different material aside of silicone, hmm.. ).


So, this puff is see through, has a smooth texture, squishy, and has moderate thickness to it. When i first opened it, i immediately noticed the strong silicone smell, and it’s not nice at all. I hate the smell. I tried to bear with the smell, and i did wipe it with wet tissue a few times hoping that the smell would be disappear. But alas, the smell is still there.


Because the silicone can’t absorb the products at all, this supposed to give you a full coverage look even though you only applied a little bit amount of product. And yes, it works… in a wrong way. The silipuff makes the foundation cakey, harder to blend. And not to mention, because of the shape, it can’t reach every nook and cranny on my face. It makes my pores and my dry areas looks really bad. I was really shocked because when i tried this, i’m in a hurry to go out for dinner. I thought if i’m using this i will save a lot of time but still can get flawless full coverage makeup, but i’m wrong. You’ll know why after you see the comparison pic below

DSCF1186-2 As you can see, above pic is side by side comparison between the silipuff and beauty blender plus the zoomed in version. I’m using same amount of foundation, but the result is really different (and yes, i’m using same foundation for this!). First, you can easily noticed the texture of my skin from the silipuff side is way more cakey. Also, because the silipuff doesn’t absorb excess product at all, it’s way too full coverage and heavy looking. And the color result also became not natural at all. It makes the foundation ‘cracking’ on my skin. A big no for the silipuff!

For you who want to try full coverage makeup without too many times building the foundation up or you want to save money on foundation because the silipuff doesn’t absorb products at all, maybe you can try this if you’re curious enough. But personally, i suggest you don’t waste your money for this. Although this silipuff is not expensive (compared to the beauty blender), but still not worth it. I don’t know about the original silisponge from Molly cosmetics, but i really think it’s gonna be the same with this silipuff.


Conclusion :

Name : Alive:Lab Silipuff

Origin : South Korea

Price : around 8000 won (converted from local currencies)

Pros : durable, hygiene, didn’t ‘eat’ the products out

Cons : bad shape (can’t reach to the certain area of my face), make the foundation feels heavy and cakey, hard to blend,  unpleasant silicone smell

Ratings : 1/5 (i still give 1 star because i appreciate the idea of it, but unfortunately it didn’t work for me, sorry silipuff!)


I’ll see you on my next post!


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