Review – MAC Lip Scrubtious

Today’s review is dedicated for this new launch from MAC cosmetics! Yes, MAC just launched a series of lip scrub. When i first hear this, my response was, whaaaatttt? lip scrub? really? sounds a little bit gimmicky for me. But to be honest, i’m a bit intrigued by it because my lips had a such long term relationship with dryness and flakiness, and i never actually try to prevent it with some treatment other than lip balm. And finally here i am, trying to pamper my lips a bit with my new MAC lip scrub 😀


This is a sugar based scrub for your lips, and before i bought it, i’ve read some posts stating that this lip scrub actually taste really good. I don’t know, but personally i don’t want to eat my skincare even though it’s safe to swallow.


For this range of lip scrub, they have 5 ‘flavors’ : sweet vanilla, candied nectar, fruits of passion, summer berry, and sweet brown sugar. I really want candied nectar, sweet brown sugar, and summer berry. But need to verify first whether it’s really works or not (don’t want to waste my money, you know i’m thrifty these days). In the end, i bought candied nectar online.

DSCF2412  The pot quite small, but really eye catching. I love the packaging although i hate to scoop the products out of the jar every time i want to use it. Because it’s only for lips, you’ll need the tiniest amount each time, so although the jar is small, i think it’ll last for a good amount of time.

DSCF2413DSCF2414 First, i agree 100% for the smell, it smells so delicious and yummy! Sweet and really ‘candy’ smell. Because of people said in their post about the taste, i encourage myself to lick it while i’m scrubbing my lips. It tastes sweet, but there’s something in it tastes artificially and i don’t like it. If you’re gonna use this scrub, i suggest you not to ‘eat’ the product, or maybe feel free to taste it once if you’re curious enough.


The product itself feels rough because it’s sugar based, but it melts quickly right after you put it to your lips. It feels really moisturizing and calming. My lips feel so much smoother and plump after using this scrub. I’m sorry i don’t have before-after pic because i forgot to snap my ‘before’ lips, but i can say confidently that this scrub works wonder for me. It makes my lips so smooth and moisturized, no more flakiness, and also helps to lighten my lip color as well! Some of the posts i’ve read online said that it has slight tint to it, but personally i didn’t experience tinting on my lips after using this. The scrub itself indeed has a sheer color to it, but it turns almost clear when you scrub it to your lips.  Maybe the darker color like summer berry will give more visible tint to your lips.

So far i really love this lip scrub, will buy the other 2 that i’m eye-ing as well after this one finished.

Conclusion :

Name : MAC Lip Scrubtious in Candied Nectar

Price : USD16

Origin : USA

Pros : Eye catching packaging, moisturizing, smells really good, removes dead skin cells, slightly lighten the lip color

Cons : Tasted artificially

Ratings : 4.3/5



I’ll see you in my next post!





    1. Yep, I heard a lot of people compared it to lush version. Some like this more, some like lush more 😅 as for me, I never tried lush before so I really can’t compared to it.

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