Review -3CE x Lily Maymac Matte Lip Color

What’s up guys! Today i’m back with 3CE x Lily Maymac Lip Color review – kinda late i think.. but nevertheless, i still want to share my thoughts on this product with all of you guys.. So let’s get started!

This range of lip color is a collaboration between 3CE and Lily Maymac, an Australian model. According to what i read online, this range is created based on Lily’s iconic lip looks. They have 3 colors available for this collaboration, and i bought 2 of it.


So this is the 3 shades, from L to R : holy rose, hold on, warm & sweet. (pic credit : google)

To be honest, at first i bought it because of the rose gold packaging, and i can’t resist anything rose gold. I’m a hardcore fan of rose gold color. And second, i’m always swoon over nude-brownish lip looks and my lippies collection has always been nude brownish mostly. That’s explains why i only bought 2 of 3, because the remaining color is reddish color. Although it looks gorgeous too, i seldom use red for my lip so i skip that one.


Okay, the moment it arrived to me, the moment I fell in love with. I really must say, that’s really beautiful packaging, it has elegant & luxurious feeling to it. Though most of luxurious brand has put some weight to their product. This lipstick is lightweight, not heavy at all, less burden for your bag.


As you can see, the color are really beautiful. Both are warm toned and suitable for everyday use. Both color also really pigmented, so you don’t have to worry about pigmentation and we know 3CE products is not on cheaper side, but I don’t mind as long as the product itself works well for me. But one problem though, this lipstick is stiff as hell. It won’t work on my bare lips. Although I know that my lips is very dry, and also I know this is a matte lipstick, but still.. I never experiencing something like this. The dryness is beyond my expectation. It will accentuates your dry lips and also can never glides well on your lips. You need to wear it with tapping motion, but it won’t help as much as the color will never be even.

I already prepared for heart broken because I can never use this lipstick on my lips, but then before I really gave up because it’s only been a day since I received it, I try to use lip balm first before I applied the lipstick, annndddddd…. IT WORKS! I’m so happy that it works wonder for this lipstick! I use Maybelline baby lips, but you can use any lip balm brand out there, but just to be safe, don’t use heavy duty lip balm as it’ll ruin the matte look. I use sheer amount of lip balm, and the result my lip still looks matte, but in comfort way. It also feels lightweight on the lips, really nice to wear.

For you who have normal-moist lip, I think you don’t need to worry about the extra step required like I did. This lipstick also long lasting, but it’ll fade away when you eat & drink.



hold on is more of a mute warm nude color, as for warm & sweet, is more red-orange nude color. I love both color for everyday use. It’s suitable for many looks too.

Conclusion :

Name : 3CE x Lily Maymac Matte Lip Color

Price : USD 19

Origin : South Korea

Pros : beautiful packaging & beautiful color, very lightweight on the lip, no annoying smell, long lasting

Cons : too stiff for dry lips, need to use lip balm before applying the lipstick (applying lightweight lip balm will not change the matte finish)

Ratings : 4/5



I’ll see you in my next post!



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