Review – Chanel Coco Code Blush Harmony

Hello guys! I’m back again this time with one of the new Chanel spring summer collection, Coco Code Blush Harmony! Usually i’m not the ‘branded’ makeup girl, I seldom bought something from high end brand, but once I did, I kind of addicted to it. I think it has some kind of aura that I can’t quite explain, but I really drawn to it. Especially once I bought something high end that is really pretty in design and really works for me, pretty sure I will hunt down other high end products.

And this blush started it all. I bought it last month after holding in my desire for weeks. This blush has really gorgeous design and as always iconic Chanel packaging. It also comes with a brush which is really handy.

dscf2382   To be honest, I don’t really like the velvet packaging. It can be dirty so quickly, attracts dust all around it. But I really don’t pay much attention to the velvet packaging because what’s inside it that mesmerize me.


On the inside, you can find 1 cool shimmery highlight color and 3 more warmer color that creates a beautiful shade when you combine it all. Actually you can use it individually too, but for me personally, it’s a bit difficult because of the pan size. But I often use the 2 golden-brown color to emphasize my contour line because it’s easier to mix 2 color together rather than just concentrating on 1 color.

As you can expect from almost all of Chanel product, this blush has fragrance. It has rosy smell to it but not that strong. The smell will fade away after application. And for you who want to appreciate the lovely pan design longer, I suggest you don’t swirl the color altogether on the pan using your finger, it’ll ruin the design. Take the brush, swipe it gently and the colors will not mixed together and make your coco code looks ugly.

dscf2387As you can see, there’s 2 matte colors and 2 shimmery colors. Actually I don’t really like to wear shimmering blush, but the shimmer in this blush is not over powering so I don’t really mind it. It’s moderately pigmented and you can definitely build the pigmentation.

dscf2390 After you mixed it altogether, you will get a peachy pink color like this, it’s really flattering color, and I think it’s most flattering on fair to light skin tone because I don’t think the color will show up well on darker skin tone but it’s still wearable to medium skin tone. It’s moderately long wearing depending on your activities on the day. On me, it lasts for around 4-5 hours before it starts to fade out (usually because I blot my face using tissue paper) but it’s not completely wiped out, just lost its intensity.

Conclusion :

Name : Chanel Coco Code Blush Harmony

Price : USD 70

Origin : France

Pros : lovely packaging & design, flattering color, long lasting, dual use as blush and as bronzer

Cons : expensive, limited edition for spring summer 2017 so if you want it you need to be quick before it’s sold out.

Rating : 4.5/5



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