My Hair Routine (plus mini review)

Hey guys! finally I can write an article again! been dying to write but I got no time to compose it and to take some pics for my article, so pardon for my super late post. Today I will talk about my recent hair routine. About 1.5 months ago I started to change all my hair products, from shampoo to hair spray. A little background on my hair, I have straight-colored hair with dry ends and oily roots, with some dandruff here and there. The reason that I change my hair products is mainly because I can’t stand the hair fall. It’s really bad and it’s been a long time. I went online and searching for other option, but not hoping much as I tried many shampoo already but no effect at all.

Just then, I found some articles regarding Ryo shampoo, Korean brand that raved because of their wide range of shampoo selection for most hair concern. I became intrigued and I think why not try this? I had nothing to lose, because I already lost so many hair strands LOL. I picked their Jayang line because it specialized for hair loss. You can see below, their product selection is really excellent, even just for 1 line, they have so many option for different hair concern. Hands down!


img credit : google

As you can see, again.. excellent range of products! and they still have many other lines too! For me, I pick the shampoo for oily scalp, and the treatment (A1 & A5), and now maybe I will consider to buy the essence & scalp deep cleanser.

Now, let’s proceed to my step by step hair routine! Starting from the shampoo, treatment, shine and fragrance spray, and lastly the hair spray.



Ryo shampoo – for oily scalp




Ryo shampoo – the texture


First, the shampoo is herbal scented so don’t hope for anything smells fancy. Smells ginseng and other herbal ingredients. After few times you’ll be accustomed with the smell (at least I can bear with the smell, for the sake of my hair loss problem). It lathers rather well, it has slight cooling sensation to the scalp after the 2nd rinse (I use the shampoo twice and rinse it twice). From the first time using it until now, I can confidently say that it helps with my hair loss problem! I didn’t claim that my hair didn’t fall anymore, but the shampoo definitely lessen my hair loss significantly. It also helps a bit with my dandruff.



Ryo treatment – for hair loss


Ryo treatment – the texture

As for the treatment, it has milder smells than the shampoo, thicker consistency and also really good! it helps to smoothen your hair and take care of the dry ends. Expect zero tangled hair after using the treatment. And it also helps to take care your hair loss problem! So far I really love this two combo, if nothing bad happens, I will continue to use this, adding it to my staples.




Percy & Reed shine and fragrance spray


Next step after shampoo and treatment, is this shine and fragrance spray. After shampooing, I will blow dry my hair and then use this for adding some fresh fragrance (blame the ginseng shampoo scent >.< ). It has light floral scent as long as you’re not over spray it, the smell is really good and fresh. It also give shines to your hair.



Percy and reed session hold hairspray


On my average day, I will stop after step 3. But when I need to go out and I want my hair to be on point, I will use this hairspray after I curl or blow my hair. What I like about this hairspray, it holds your curls naturally without making it stiff like other hairspray. Although holding power is not as long as the other hairspray, but I prefer it that way. And also, the smell is fresh and nice.

So, that’s all for my recent hair routine. So far I really satisfied with this routine, especially because my biggest hair concern already solved. My hair fall lessen significantly thanks to the shampoo and the treatment. Although I don’t know whether the shampoo can also promote new hair growth or not, but at least my hair didn’t fall out badly like before.


I’ll see you in my next post!

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