Review – Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Hey guys! This is my first post of 2017 and I really want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! I know that it is late, but still.. better late than never, hehe..

Today I will talk about the beloved too faced sweet peach palette! Yes I know, for some of you, this post is quite a bit late.. but still, I want to share my excitement of this palette with you guys as I just got this palette recently. I missed the first batch of this palette and before I know it, it’s already gone out off the market until recently in December 2016, they re-launched it again along with the other sweet peach line. I bought it from a personal shopper in U.S, because I know I won’t get it easily here in my country. I really curious about their lip oil too, next time I will try to get it and review it for you guys!


First, let’s talk about the packaging! Okay, will you guys take a moment to appreciate this uber cute packaging?! It’s metal, it’s peach, great quality packaging but it doesn’t feel luxurious, it feels playful and cute. Second, you will notice the signature peach smell right after you opened the case. For me personally, I don’t mind the smell. It smells like peach, but again, feels a bit artificial but not that bad.

Okay, now let’s jump deep into the real product itself. There’s 18 shades of eyeshadow inside the palette, and it’s mainly warm-peachy tone color with some unusual color like greenish color and  some purple. I think it’s a good combination just in case you get bored with all the peachy colors there, you can still hit different look with just one palette.


To be honest, i’m not using the first left column that much, though it maybe useful sometimes. Matte color has more fallouts, little tip for you, when you want to take out the shadows with brush, don’t poke or swirl, it’ll leads you to many fallouts, try to dab it in and gently swipe the brush, it will minimize the fallouts. Next I will show you real close how’s the color on the pan 🙂



The first 9 shades are light to medium neutral-peachy-brownish color. Suitable for everyday look or cute Korean look.



This is the swatches for the first 9 shades, from left to right : white peach-luscious-just peachy-nectar-cobbler-candied peach-peaches’ cream-Georgia-caramelized.



Next 9 shades are medium to deep color, suitable for night smokey look or when you want to add extra oomph to your look.



This is the next 9 shades from left to right : bless her heart-tempting-charmed i’m sure-bellini-peach pit-delectable-puree-summer yum-talk derby to me.

As you can see, some of the shades doesn’t have same consistency as the others. I almost can’t see the white peach. Delectable and Talk derby to me was too dry and patchy. Other than that, the other shades doing great though.

Staying power also great, but do pay attention that I put some foundation to my eyelids and sets it with setting powder before applying the shadows. No matter which brand’s eyeshadow will not stay on my lid if I didn’t use anything beneath the eyeshadow. It’ll crease like crazy.

Overall, I think this is a good palette to have especially to be worn on summer time, but if you’re a makeup junkie who have a ton of other palettes and shadows, I don’t think you’ll need this palette, unless it’s for collection purpose.

Conclusion :

Name : Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

Price : USD 49

Origin : USA

Pros : cute & quirky packaging, nice range of color, great staying power (I use foundie and setting powder before applying the shadows), larger pan size (i’m not describing the actual contents size, but the pan size is bigger so you can reach the shadows more easily).

Cons : smaller mirror compared to some other palettes out there, no included brush inside (I prefer to have 1 inside the palette just in case for travelling, so I don’t have to brought so many separate brushes with me), some of the shades were dry and patchy, lack of pigmentation.

Ratings : 3.7/5




I’ll see you in my next post!







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