Review & Swatches – Banila Co Iphoria It Radiant CC Cover Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

Hey guys! how are you all? Today i’m back with another review of Banila Co x Iphoria CC cushion. This is another collaboration cushion packaging, but i’m not so sure for the formula itself it’s new formula or only repackaged items. To be honest, I never tried Banila Co’s face products whether it’s a cushion, or foundation or whatever it is. I was curious as the packaging is quite funky and trendy, also the cushion itself piqued my interest. Yes, i’m obsessed with any cushion which offers coverage, so finally I bought one!




pic credit : google

They have 4 designs to choose, and I choose the second design. And when I bought it online, I can’t seem to find the first design also, only the second to fourth design. The design itself is so modern and funky, as expected from Iphoria. For those who didn’t know about Iphoria, it’s a modern company created by young and driven Berlin-based designer MILENA JAECKEL. Always impeccably dressed, she had been struggling to find equally stylish clothes for her trusty technological companions. If we get changed multiple times a day, she thought, why should they always wear the same outfit? That’s how the idea of  Iphoria was born. Iphoria known for its quirky and playful design, expect no less from them!



pic credit : google

For this cushion, I picked BE20 because I feel BP15 will not suits my yellow undertone, and BE10 will be too light. *note : BE stands for beige, and BP for beige pink.


The package consists of 1 case in 1 box, and 1 more box consists of 2 cushion refills with puff of course.


The packaging and the case are so cute! As the case quality also good, not feel cheap as some cushion’s case does.


I want to emphasize the puff, it’s quite different with normal cushion puff out there. It has some texture to it and helps you to lock in the product easily on to your face.

They called it Radiant CC Cover Cushion, but I feel that this cushion lacks in coverage. It has natural finish with semi matte looks which I like. At first couple of hours it’s okay, but after that I experienced really greasy feeling, my face looks like a frying pan layered with butter and ready to fry some food. The layer of the product separated with my skin caused by the sebum on my face. I looked horrible because of the ghastly white reflection of the product mixed with the oil on my face, looked so unnatural.

Below is the coverage test using too faced liquid liner as the spot to cover. At first, if you didn’t compare it with other cushions, maybe you think it’s quite okay because the eyeliner was so black, so it can’t completely covered it. But then I was curious on how my other cushion’s perform (I didn’t test out every single cushion that I have, like this). I put on the same eyeliner and use my recent favourite products, Missha M Magic Cushion & Missha Tension Pact. And the result is quite shocking. Missha’s products really covers well, and it shows that the Banila Co’s cushion has poor coverage (I put around same amount of products on to the eyeliner mark). I think this cushion meant for those with dry skin & minimal blemishes, as for my oily skin seems cannot accept this product well.



note : I just want to show the coverage difference, don’t look at it as color comparison because as you can see, my missha tension pact clearly more bright than the others.


Conclusion :

Name : Banila Co x Iphoria It Radiant CC Cover Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

Price : 29.850 won (converted, bought it online, not the store price) – 1 case + 2 cushions + 2 puffs

Origin : South Korea


Pros : Natural-semi matte finish, funky packaging, unique puff for easy & even application

Cons : makes my face more greasy than usual, oxidize a bit, makes unnatural looking when it’s greasy, not long lasting

Ratings : 2/5



I’ll see you in my next post!




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  1. Oh My Lord the packaging looks so cute. I may buy this only because of its packaging. Haven’t heard of this brand before but its definitely going on my wishlist now😍

    Will be really glad if you could check out my recent blog post. Thank you so much.

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