Review – Happy Bath Beer Spa Body Wash

Hey guys! Today’s review is about body product that I recently bought. It’s happy bath beer spa body wash. If you’re Korean beauty product’s addict, you will surely knew Happy bath. It’s really famous and popular in Korea, it’s like ‘Biore’ here in my country, except they have so many different fragrance for their body wash, and also they have so many products besides body wash, but the most popular and common product is their body wash.

I’ve used Happy bath product before, I got to try it at the apartment that I stayed in Seoul. I really intrigued with the smell, so I decided to bought it at lotte mart. It smells like baby powder, really soothing. I use it as my daily body wash until now. And when I get to know that Happy bath comes up with new interesting products, I decided to bought some and share my thoughts with you all.


img credit : google


Happy bath comes with new concept of body wash, the beer spa. They have 6 variant of beer spa body wash, I bought 2 of it. Just look at the packaging, how can I resist such a packaging? And I know you will battling with yourself too whether to buy it or not. They have original pale ale, citrus pale ale, green apple sparkling ale, grape fruit sparkling ale, cacao stout, and espresso stout. I bought original pale ale and espresso stout.


Each of the bottle consists of 300g of body wash liquid, it’s rather small in my opinion compared to the one I used to use. It smells like beer, but somehow I feel that the smell is a little bit artificial. The only difference between the two is espresso hint. Original pale ale totally smells like beer, nothing else, meanwhile the espresso stout got espresso hints in it. It doesn’t lather much, you have to use washing net to make more lathers. But personally, I don’t mind with the lathering.


As for the after bath smell, I didn’t feel that the smells would linger after your bath. It only leaves you with refreshed and moisture feeling but no after smell. I feel this body wash makes my skin moisturised, it has unique smell though it’s a bit artificial, unique packaging, but nothing so special other than that. I personally like the espresso stout more than the original pale ale.

Conclusion :

Name : Happy Bath Beer Spa Body Wash

Price : 12.500 won – bought it online, might not the original price

Origin : South Korea

Pros : unique and cute packaging, new body wash concept, new & unique smell, moisturising

Cons : A bit expensive, no after bath smell (lingering smell), smells a bit artificial

Ratings : 3.5/5


I’ll see you in my next post!



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