Review & Swatches on Asian Skin – Jouer Long Wear Lip Creme & Lip Topper

Hey you guys! Today i will share my review and swatches of Jouer long wear lip creme & lip topper! I never tried Jouer products before, as i always said in my previous posts, i’m too afraid to wear matte liquid lipstick, but yeah.. here i am finally bought my second matte lipstick after 3CE lip lacquer.

So, at first i wasn’t going to buy Terra, but instead i’m interested with Skinny Dip because i saw so many youtubers and bloggers raved about it, especially Nikkie from Nikkietutorials, and Manny from Mannymua. I saw it on youtube, and also snapchat. At first, they said that it always sold out, so i don’t bother to search for it. But after sometime, my local online shop finally sell it, ready stock! And then i’m thinking, what will i wear underneath the lip topper? looking through my drawer, i didn’t have many lipstick too, mostly lip glosses, and lip balm. Then with that condition, i decided to bought Terra too!

Okay so let’s get into the review and swatches!


The Jouer lip products comes with beautiful box, the lip creme comes with silver edged box, and the lip topper comes with gold holographic edged box.


Good thing that they formulated their lip products without paraben! and also, the lip topper has a plus, vitamin E! and also good to hear that it’s not tested on animals!



Terra : matte neutral deep ochre


Skinny Dip : Metallic shimmering golden nude


natural light


with flash

Lip swatches :

**sorry the first pic a little bit blur






Terra + Skinny Dip


Terra + Skinny Dip

I think the Jouer lip creme breaks my fear of matte liquid lipstick. I wear Terra on my usual dry unconditioned lips, and it worked just fine. The formula isn’t harsh although it did set into my lip lines and accentuate it as you can see on my first lip swatch pic. But i know, can’t blame the lipstick, just blame my lip texture. Once it sets, it won’t budge. Kissproof & really long wearing! I really like it. You don’t have to be afraid that it’ll fade if you’re only drink something. And it also has sweet vanilla cake scent to it, but after you applied it, the smell will fade and will not bother those who sensitive about scent.

As for skinny dip, it has same scent. It’s super gorgeous on hand swatch, although it maybe awkward to use it without anything underneath (yeah.. that’s why they called it lip topper LOL). As i write this post, i’m trying to use skinny dip without anything underneath, and yes.. it is awkward. It’s like i’m just finished applying glitter all over my mouth. I feel like i’m frozen queen LOL. But fear not, it’s super pretty when you’re paired it with lip color underneath. You can see from the 3rd and 4th lip swatches pics, i combined skinny dip and terra, and the result is really good. Skinny dip makes the terra underneath more lively because of the smooth metallic shimmer. But one thing, because this Skinny dip is a kind of gloss, it’ll be not as long wearing as when you wear Terra alone. And one more thing to mention also, it’s hard to totally remove the metallic shimmer out of your mouth area. Even after using eye&lip makeup remover and entirely wash the face, the remaining tiny micro shimmer will still there shining around the mouth.

Conclusion :

Name : Jouer Long Wear Lip Creme & Lip Topper

Var : Terra & Skinny dip

Price : USD18 lip creme & USD16 lip topper

Origin : USA

Pros (Terra) : nice color, not overly drying, sets quickly, long wearing, nice sweet smell

Pros (Skinny dip) : beautiful golden shimmering color, nice sweet smell, can be matched with wide range of lipstick colors.

Cons (Terra) : because it’s matte finish, it tends to accentuate the lip lines (results may vary depends on your lip condition)

Cons (Skinny dip) : not as long wearing because of the gloss type. The shimmering can be a little bit messy. Hard to totally remove the metallic shimmer.

Ratings (Terra) : 4.5/5

Ratings (Skinny dip) : 3.9/5

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