First Impression/Review – Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear Powder

Hey guyss! how are you doing?! I’m so sorry for the lack of new post lately.. I went to Japan last month, the end of october and unable to blog at all from there, and after that i went to my hub’s hometown for 1 week because my father in law suddenly passed away.. I feel sad and uninspired to blog because of what happened. Today i pushed myself to do this first impression/mini review post because i’ve been preparing to try all of these new products that i bought recently and share my thoughts with you all.

First of all, i know that some of you think ‘this is not new product, why would she bother to reviewed it though all other reviews been up there all over the internet’. Yeap, the Kanebo Suisai is not a new product at all, but i never feel intrigued with it until recently i saw one particular online shop on the instagram frequently post the pic of people’s order on Kanebo Suisai. So many packs sold, i begin to feel curious about it. And then not too long ago, i finally purchased it while i’m in Japan. They have 3 different packaging, 1 is older packaging, 1 is newer packaging (and some improved formula they said) and this is what i bought, and last one is the collagen type. As the price for the collagen type is nearly 2x the normal one, i gave up the collagen type and took the (new) normal one.

Let’s talk about the price for this facial wash. Kanebo claims that this facial powder wash exfoliates while cleansing, can removes blackhead, and also shrink pores. They retail this suisai powder for 2000 yen per box (0.4g x 32 pack). Honestly i think it’s a bit pricey for facial wash because i used to use korean facial wash which is cheaper and got a lot of products inside. If you use the suisai powder, 1 packaging only for half month (use 2 packs per day for morning and night wash) and if you’re thrifty enough, 1 pack can be used 2 times, then 1 packaging can be used for 1 month where with other facial wash i can use it for around 2-3 months for 1 bottle.

Next, i will share with you my first impression about this facial wash. You can see the pics below 🙂


cute packaging and travel friendly, but it’s a bit tricky for thrifty people like me




I use half of it the night before, this only half of the packaging



It gives good amount of lather, not too much. Just right.

When i first use it, i use all 1 little pack for 1 time. It lathers just right, no smell/fragrance at all. I feel a little bit tight after washing my face, maybe it’s because the claims to shrink the pores. For the blackhead, i feel that it control blackhead growth but not to get rid of stubborn blackhead especially on the nose area where’s my blackheads already rooted deep down inside my pores. Honestly i didn’t feel anything special.

But after 3 days using it, i don’t know why i gravitate more towards this facial wash than my old facial wash. My skin feels smoother and more radiant. I begin to like this facial wash even more now. I know it’s too early to conclude, but so far i like this facial wash and i feel this works well on me.

Conclusion :

Name : Kanebo Suisai Clear Beauty Powder

Origin : Japan

Price : 2000 yen (0.4g x 32 packs)

Pros : travel friendly, makes the skin feels smoother and radiant, no fragrance

Cons : a bit expensive, once you opened 1 pack and you want to use it for 2 times, you need to store it at dry place otherwise it will clot. Once opened, if you’re not using it immediately, the powder will start to change form (maybe the enzyme reacted to hot air caused by hot shower at my bathroom so it’ll not as powdery as first opened although i close it again after i take some)

Ratings :4/5



I’ll see you in my next post!


  1. I saw this all the time when I was living in Japan. I wanted to try it but I was afraid it might make my dry skin even drier! I tend to stick to face washes that have a pH of 4.5-6 too…

    1. Yes, it’s indeed feels tightening to my skin. I have oily skin so it’s not affect that much to me. And everytime after washing my face, I immediately apply toner and ettusais amino caviar cream. It works wonder for me. Makes my skin feels not so stripped after face wash ☺️

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