[UPDATE]Review & Swatches – Missha The Original Tension Pact Perfect Cover

Hey guysss! How are you?! It’s been a month since i’ve posted my latest review. I’m really not so motivated these days and i decided to back off a bit. Now i feel better and i’m ready to give you guys my review for this new missha product.

This original tension pact is the newest foundation pact that they sell out on the market. I got this in ‘Perfect Cover’ variant. They have 4 different selection for this original tension pact like below :


source : google

Mine is peach one, perfect cover. Blue is tone up glow, pink is intense moisture, and for the pale pink one is natural cover. I pick the perfect cover because what i need the most is cover. I bet the pink and blue pact will not suit me at all because my oily skin, and natural cover sounds a bit gimmicky. Before i forgot to mention, i bought mine in shade 21. They have 3 shades for this pact. 13,21 and 23. It’s funny though, because in the pic above, it said SPF 30 but on my packaging it’s written SPF 37 (yeah, whatever..)

First, let’s talk about the packaging. It has gorgeous packaging with hologram on top and gold lining on the rim. But the bad news, it’s not the same size with the cushion, so you can’t replace anything into this except the exact same refill. It reminds me of the etude house powder cushion.

And also, as the name is tension pact, it’s not in a cushion form, but more like a squishy net form. You can see from my pic below :


The texture of this pact is a bit watery, it has slight refreshing effect when first applied to my face. It has slight perfume smell to it but it doesn’t bother me that much. It has slight dewy finish and i had to use setting powder on top of it to erase the shine. It has nice light feeling when applied to the face, but sadly the coverage isn’t that great. I expect more from this pact because the name is perfect cover. I have missha magic cushion line edition (brown the bear) and i think it performs better in terms of covering. For example, with missha magic cushion, i just need 1 layer to cover all of my imperfection, but with the original tension pact, i need to put more effort to cover certain areas of my face.

For other aspects such as staying power and natural-ness, i think this pact is really good though. It also doesn’t oxidise during the day. Natural looking although i put on more layer on my face.


natural light


with flash

Conclusion :

Name : Missha The Original Tension Pact – Perfect Cover

Price : around 18.000 won (converted)

Origin : South Korea

Pros : Natural looking, lightweight, long wearing

Cons : Doesn’t come with refill

Ratings : 4/5


** update : the more that i use this pact, the more i like it! the coverage also not bad (sorry for misleading info), but maybe because its different formula with the cushion, it seems that the cushion (brown the bear) covers more than the tension pact, but actually it’s about the same coverage strength, difference only in the application, with the cushion it seems to seamlessly covering with less effort, but the tension pact need a little bit more effort to blend it in. Staying power also really great (combined with finishing powder). With this update, i will change my rating from 3.5 to 4!


I’ll see you in my next post!



    1. Maybe it’s just me expecting too much LOL.. Basically it’s okay in terms of coverage if you have minimal blemishes but if you compared it to the magic cushion (line friends edition), it lacks of cover although the name is perfect cover 😦

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