Review – Son&Park UV Water Complete Color SPF50+ PA+++

Hi everyone! I’m back today with Son&Park product review! Maybe many of you that obsessed with k-beauty already knew this brand. I will not talk about the brand anymore as i already talk about it before when i’m reviewing their beauty water (you can read it here). You know, at first i bought this product thinking it’s a foundation LOL.. as usual i bought it online, and i didn’t research it beforehand. I bought it out of curiosity because i really love the beauty water, so i thought, why not try their other products.

So, when i first opened it, i immediately realise that it’s not foundation at all. It’s like tinted sunscreen with high SPF to protect your face from the sun. Because it’s tinted, it can helps to correct and evens out your skin tone. The texture is very watery, glides on very nicely, not sticky, and got typical sun product’s smell. I use this last week for few days in a row when i’m travelling (mostly outdoor activities all day) and i quite like it. It protects my face from the sun (i’m not using umbrella, or hat at all). I got no sunburns at all, no spots, minimal darkening. It stays for quite a long time (i use cc cushion on top of this sunscreen).

I got few small zits after that, but i think mainly because the weather is extremely hot (i’m outside all day) and i put some makeup on top of the sunscreen, also i’m on my period too. After that i tested out the sunscreen itself with less exposure to the sun, and my face turned out fine. No zits at the end of the day.

One thing that annoys me, i don’t like how it looks on my face. It’s too shiny and reflective on my face (i think because of the high SPF and the moisture property), so i can’t use this sunscreen on its own. At least i need to use no sebum powder on top so it can cancel out the shine. Maybe for dry skin type, it’ll be okay for you, but for oily skin like me, i need to use setting powder on top of it.



natural light


With flash


With flash


natural light


after blended – with flash

Conclusion :

Name : Son&Park UV Water Complete Color SPF50+ PA+++

Price : around 16.250 won/ 5oml (bought it online – converted)

Origin : South Korea

Pros : lightweight, protects your skin well, evens out skin tone

Cons : i don’t like the glow and shine on my skin

Ratings : 3.9/5

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