Review – Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover

Hey everyone! I’m finally back today with another review series. I will be reviewing the new biore aqua jelly makeup remover. I bought this while i’m in Singapore last weekend for s$22 at Sasa, but later i found out that watson having a sale and this same remover price was s$20 *duh*. Okay, to be honest, i didn’t mean to buy this one, instead i want the biore micellar water but they wrote that it’s formulated for normal to dry skin on the packaging so i’m afraid that it’ll be not suitable for my skin type. In the end, i choose this one. The name itself left me intrigued. ‘Aqua jelly…’ I really wonder how’s the texture really feels like.

Okay, first let me show you the packaging :


It has 230ml of product inside the bottle, quite a lot i’d say..  It claims to glides easily with less tugging, removes even waterproof mascara, contains 40% of moisturising essence, and not sticky/oily.



First, i like the simple but somehow cute packaging. It’s definitely not for travelling but you can always move the liquid to travel bottle. I like that it has secure caps that’ll prevents ‘unwanted’ pump when you move it around somewhere.

The texture itself is light and really runny. It’s not like actual jelly texture like i’m imagine *boo.. ruins my imagination!* I’d say it’s like light textured cleansing oil. It has slight smell to it, nice floral smell but not too much.


the texture is light and runny

Because i want to test it for its full potential, i use several products on my hand such as lip tint, waterproof mascara, gel eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, eyeshadows,liquid lipstick, even pen ink.


and i use 2 light pumps (not full pump) on my hand, and starts to gently rubs it. it feels light and not stings at all (i’ve used it on my face also, it blurs my vision when it got into my eyes, but not stings).


after few times rubbing

You need to rub diligently if you’re using long lasting makeup products. Because i’m not using any force at all, just rubbing lightly, it takes longer time to remove the makeup.


after more rubbing


After first rinse off, you still can see the remains of my too faced better than sex waterproof mascara, and a tiny bit of pen ink left. But other than that, its completely clean.


And then i use one more light pump, rub rub rub, rinse it off, then all clean and my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight at all.

Overall, it’s a good product for everyday use on everyday makeup. If you’re using heavy duty long wearing waterproof makeup everyday, you can still use this but with some patience. It’s not gonna take off all of your makeup in one swipe, and of course i suggest you still wash your face with cleanser after this step. And don’t forget to close your eyes when you cleanse your eye area, because even it’s not stings, it still blurs out your vision.


Name : Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover

Price : s$22/230ml

Origin : Japan

Pro : light texture, nice smell, cleanse well, no sticky or oily after feel

Cons : For heavy duty makeup, it takes time to completely removes it all

Ratings : 3.9/5




I’ll see you in my next post :*

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