Oily Skin Journey – Nighttime Skincare Routine

Hey everyone! Today i’m back with my skincare series, this time is my nighttime skincare routine. I’ve posted about my morning skincare routine recently, if you haven’t seen it yet, you can click here. My night time routine including removing the makeup process, so basically i use more products than in the morning routine. FYI, i’m rotating my products frequently and tends to change products often, but so far this works best for me. And, i’m sorry that this gonna be one and only post this week due to holiday in my country, so i spent most of my time with my families and unable to concentrate to blog and also tomorrow i’ll be out of town till weekend. So, yeah guys.. let’s begin!


excuse my fault, balm supposed to be no 2 and micellar water supposed to be no 1 (lazy ass really lazy to go back and edit the pic :p)

  1. Micellar water

Every time i put on makeup, i will begin my routine by using this micellar water by bioderma. It’s really effective to remove the makeup and the dirt from your face and it’s a great first step for cleanse my skin. I usually skip this step if i’m not wearing makeup that day.

2. Cleansing balm

Then i will continue my night time cleansing routine with my beloved 3CE real soft cleansing sherbet. It’s in a balm form and it’s really a great step to complement your cleansing routine (my review for this product : here). It’s similar to cleansing oil also, so if you have any cleansing oil, it should be fine for you to use. But for me personally, i like this one over cleansing oil (i’ve tried shu uemura cleansing oil but didn’t work for me). It’s more lightweight, but the function is the same with cleansing oil. If i’m not wearing makeup, i will skip this step too, no need to use this every single day.

3. Cleanser

After done with the cleansing balm, i continue with my face cleanser. I use mild cleanser, so that way my face wouldn’t be reacting negatively to my multiple cleanse steps. I personally feel that this multiple cleansing steps are really works for me, as long as you can mix and match the right products to use, you will get the benefit of it and you will not disappointed. I’m using COSRX good morning gel cleanser now, and it works really nicely, except for the smell, i really love this cleanser.

4. Scrub

Exfoliating is really important if you have oily skin like me. I usually use this face scrub 2-4 times a week depending on how i feel with my skin that time. Currently i’m using etude house berry aha! bright peel perfect scrub for exfoliating. (my review : here).

5. Toner

Finally we reach the last steps of my cleansing routine. It’s toner time! This last step is to make sure whether you cleanse your face really well or not. Usually even after all that steps, i still got the dirts on my cotton pad and it’s really shocking. I can’t believe that i used to wash my face only using a single product and never put toner afterwards. No wonder i always got cystic acne that time OMG. Currently i’m using son & park beauty water for toning my face. I really like this toner, you can read my review here.

6. Cream

I only use cream as my night skincare routine, because it’s too heavy for oily skin like me to wear cream for daytime routine though the cream that i’m using itself is very light weight. Currently i’m using ettusais premium amino caviar cream, you can read my review here.

7. Serum

Finally! last steps of all this routine, serum! i have big pores so i need to treat that also. I’m using ettusais pore care serum and it really works to maintain my healthy pores and protect my pores from being clogged.


That’s all for my night time skincare routine. It’s not as much as the famous korean 10 steps skincare, and some of it totally can be skipped. For now, this works the best for keeping my skin clean and healthy (again, i’m not saying that i have totally clear face after i’ve done all those steps, but at least no more struggling with acne every day. Read my acne journey : here).

So, for your summary.. If i’m wearing makeup, so my routine will be 1 to 7 and no skipping things. And for the days that i’m not wearing makeup, my routine would be 3, 5, 6 ,7 with 4 being an alternate. It’s totally customisable depending your skin problem. I hope you can find the routine that works best for you!


I’ll see you in my next post!


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