Why I’m Blogging?

A lot of people often asks me when i meet them, what’s your job? what you do for living? and when i answer i didn’t work, i just stay at home, then they will start questioning (either talking behind me, or casually digging me for more). A lot of people around me often got mind set that if someone is not working, means they lazy ass, selfish, princess syndrome, etc etc.

I’m resigned from my last job in mid 2013, means i’m 3 years unemployed. Although, in year 1 & 2, i’m trying to be an entrepreneur and i’m failed (won’t talk too much details about this). I’m thinking, what will i do with my life? 3 years unemployed is not good for the CV you know.. And i swear, i’m trying to get a job sending my CV everywhere, but for one and another reasons it didn’t work well.

I’m thinking what should i do now? i try to look up all of my passion, i decided to do what i love instead of looking for job in the company. I love makeup & i love blogging (but i neglected my blog for such a long time because i’m so distracted with many other things). I also love photography and travelling, but for now, the most realistic hobby/passion that i can really focus are blogging about beauty & makeup.  I’m trying to lit up back my passion and starts writing review about products to where i am now. I’m happy that i can share my experience and knowledge with people all around the world, although my writing is not as good, and my photos should be improved, but at least i learn something every time i post something to my blog. I’m trying to do better and improved post and trying to gain my reader’s trust.

And then, people also start to ask. What benefit did u gain from blogging? You’re investing your money on products that u’re reviewing there, investing your time, dedicating all for your blog, then what will you get in return? … for such question, all i can answer is i get experience. Same when you work in the company, other than money, you’re looking for experience. And also, communication with other people, and knowledge about the topic itself, in my case : beauty related topic. I also get self satisfaction for doing what i love.

For now, no i don’t get anything else besides that. No income, no fame as a writer, nothing else. I’m not that naive though, i do hope that someday my blog will be renown and i can be proud of myself for doing what i love and succeed, also i can prove to people that i can be as good for being unemployed *fingerscrossed*

So, what’s your motivation to do blogging? I’d love to hear your experience too! Kindly leave a comment below 🙂 Have a good day!


I’ll see you in my next post!




  1. Like you said it just gives you that satisfaction! But I totally get what your saying! I feel like when you are a creative person you look for some sort of outlet and for me photography with writing is my perfect outlet for blogging 🙂

    1. Yes! i’ve tried instagram for expressing my photography hobby but I got bored easily because all of the ‘like’ rivalry etc. So I thought I need to move somewhere to where I can be a better person not only using the photography, but the writing as well. It helps me with my self confidence also, remembering that i’m an introverted and I used to hate socializing and sharing with people 🤐

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