Review – Too Faced better than sex waterproof mascara

Hello everyone! today i’m back with too faced better than sex waterproof mascara review. I bought this mascara while i’m in singapore (read my haul post here). You know, i really want to try too faced mascara so bad (the original one, in pink packaging), but in the end i always getting other brand’s mascara. So this time, i gathered up my will to buy this new waterproof edition.

First i want to talk about the packaging. This mascara’s packaging is unreal! It’s really beautiful turquoise colour with 3D splash of water effect. It has luxurious feel to it, and also has some weight to it as the package not made from plastic. I totally swoon over this packaging! I think this is the prettiest mascara’s packaging i’ve ever had.



But, as i’m admiring the packaging, i really despise the wand. The wand is so gigantic and fat, it’s really not suitable for tiny eyes with tiny short lashes like me. It really takes time to apply this mascara, i have to be careful, or else i will mess up my entire eye area. Because it’s volumizing, it tends to clump on my lashes but if you spread it well, it should be no problem.


The performance of this mascara really great though (in terms of waterproof claims). I went to shower with this mascara on my lashes and it sticks to the end, not budging at all and of course no smeary panda eyes. But it’s easily removed with eye makeup remover. I also agree with intense volume claims, but longer lashes…? hmm.. i don’t think so.. I don’t see big big difference in length of my lashes.


2 coats applied

I really hope they will give thoughts for the wand problem, and improved the formula for lengthening the lashes. I think mostly asian women would be happy with smaller wand.

Conclusion :

Name : Too Faced better than sex waterproof mascara

Price : USD 23 (too faced official website)

Origin : USA/made in Italy

Pros : great packaging, intense volumising, waterproof and smearproof, long lasting

Cons : gigantic wand not suitable for small eyes with short lashes, not really gives lengthening effect, will clumped up if you’re not careful

Ratings : 3/5



I’ll see you in my next post!




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