Review & Swatches – Hera UV Mist Cushion Cover SPF50+/PA+++

Hi there! I’m back again with another cushion review, and this time i will be reviewing the Hera UV mist cushion cover. You know, there’s no end to this cushion madness in South Korea. Every each brand can be ascertained to have at least one type of cushion, and every time you see something new, or something with great review,  or something with cute packaging, or something with intriguing name, you can’t help but to try it *lolol*

For my case, i never tried Hera before but i’ve heard quite good review about it, so i think it’s my time to try this also. First, this cushion is quite ‘old’, it’s already out there for quite a long time ago. They slightly change the packaging time to time, and maybe their formula too (idk, but this cushion name remains the same from the beginning). And the numbering format is the same with IOPE, which is under the same mother company, which is Amore Pacific.

I got this in shade C23 (C means Cover) and for this type, they have 4 colour choices, which is Ivory(13), Vanilla(21), Beige(23), Amber(25). It described as a cushion foundation for flawlessly hydrating skin that adheres moisturising radiance to the skin. It has mineral clay water for completes resilient, dewy skin. It also has powerful antioxidants to protect skin from harmful conditions, and last but not least, it has fine particles flawlessly and delicately adhere to the skin to avoid caking.

It has nice white/lavender case, classic cushion type of case.



really classic packaging, it’s nice, but a little bit boring?



The colour swatch definitely lighter than the cushion colour in the case. I’m a bit shocked when i see the cushion colour, because it’s a bit dark if you look from the case, but thanks God, it’s way more natural n lighter on my hand swatch. The texture is light, it’s a bit in dewy side, but it’s more tolerable than the holika holika gudetama cushion (if you haven’t read my review yet, you can read it here).

It has slight perfumy smell to it. It sets to my face nicely, and personally i feel that the texture and the finish similar to IOPE cushion (no wonder, because they come from the same mother company), even the smell also similar. It has light to medium coverage and lasts for an average hours (for me it’s 3++ hours before my face starts to get oily and need to blot). The cushion foundation definitely got all the properties that cushion need to have, but for the price tag, i don’t feel the ‘wow’ with this cushion.



natural light


with flash

It has slight reflection when capturing using the flash because of the moisture properties, but it still tolerable. I need to set this with powder to get rid of the shine.

Conclusion :

Name : Hera UV Mist Cushion Cover SPF50+/PA+++ in shade C23

Price : 47.000 won

Pros : Wider colour range (it got 4 shades, where most of the brand only got 2), nice texture and application, not matte but still acceptable for oily skin

Cons : Expensive

Ratings : 3.8/5



I’ll see you in my next post!


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