Oily Skin Journey – Morning Skincare Routine

Hey everyone! i’m back this week with my skincare series. Today i want to share my morning skincare routine that i’ve done for months now. I always change my skincare products time to time in order to find out which kind of product suits me best and which combination that leads to better result.

Currently i’m doing this routine, and so far so good for my skin. My skin behaves well, i’m not breaking out as much as i did before, except for ‘that time of the month’. That one is unpredictable and always surprise me *lol

This routine is quite simple, only four easy steps that i usually do. Let’s get into it!


  • Cleanser

I use gel cleanser to wash my face. It has gentle formula to clean my face without stripping all the moisture from the face. You definitely can use any other mild cleanser product, but my current favourite is COSRX low pH good morning gel cleanser. My advice is not to use strong cleanser for oily skin, that after you wash your face, you have that squeaky clean feeling. It forced your skin to produce more oil, as a result you will get more oily skin.

  • Toner

Common misconception about toner : many people said that toner is part of moisturising steps, but it’s not. It’s the last part of cleansing steps. It helps you to remove the remaining dirt left. Even after you wash your face with cleanser, there’s high chance that the dirts are still there, toner helps you to removes that. So don’t forget to tone your face after cleansing step. Currently i’m using Son&Park beauty water, it really helps to freshen your face after cleanse, and also remove dirts rather well.

  • Moisturiser

After your skin’s all prep, you need to use moisturiser. For oily skin, you need to consider using the lightweight moisturiser, as light as possible. Because heavy cream can clogged your pores when it mixed with the oil on your face. For my case, i use essence rather than moisturiser. I use COSRX advanced snail mucin power essence, it’s very lightweight and not sticky at all, but keeps my skin hydrated. You can use any other moisturiser, just make sure it’s suitable for oily skin type.

  • SPF product

If you’re going out or your skin will be exposed in any way to the sun, use lightweight SPF product. In my case, i’m using the faceshop natural sun no shine hydrating sun cream. It has lightweight texture, no sticky at all. It also has sebum control properties. I think SPF 40 PA+++ is enough, unless you’re doing sports all day outside.


That’s all for my morning skincare steps. If i’m going out somewhere, i continue with makeup steps, but if i’m at home only, that will be all. So far i’m happy with this routine, i hope this post can be helpful for those who wants to improve their skin condition. Thank you for reading!


I’ll see you in my next post!



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