My acne journey – bad habits that you should stop

Hey everyone! I’m back with another post and this time i want to share my acne journey. As i’m born with oily skin, i grew up with acne and acne scars everywhere, the acne location varies though. In my teenage time (the time when i don’t have a slightest idea about beauty & skincare), i had acne allover my cheeks, luckily it didn’t leave scars, but it did enlarge my pores. And after that, my acne location can be anywhere, you can’t even guess. From forehead, nose, chin, jawline, yeah.. basically allover the face.

In my college days, i even went to dermatologist and get prescribed cream, face wash, etc for my skin problem. It did help my skin condition, but eventually my skin gets immune to the cream. I’m stuck at certain level that i can’t get rid of my acne and acne scars completely, and when i stopped using the prescribed cream, my beloved acne will be back in no time.

And as far as i can remember, my last bad bad breakouts is around 2 to 3 years ago. I got a series of acne but still in a mild way, and then i got a MUA to style me for attending wedding event. Few days after that event, i got very bad breakouts. I suspect is because i’m allergic to the product that she used, or maybe her tools are not hygienic, i really don’t know the exact cause, but most likely is the MUA problem. I got bad cystic acne ever since, and mostly on the chin and side of the cheeks. I tried many products ever since, you named it.. SKII, Clinique, Euroskinlab, etc. I also got IPL treatment, facial routine, but it didn’t make things better. Stress that i got from work and problem at home also make it worse. I don’t even care with my acne anymore, i just live my life.

One day, i motivated myself to clear up those acne because my big day is coming up and i know those acne can’t be cleared up in just few weeks. I did some research and i’m trying to clear my acne in natural way. So, this is my journey for about 1 year trying to change my habits based on my research.

*This is based on true journey of myself – results per person may varies*

  • Don’t sleep too late

I used to sleep past 12PM everyday, can be 1AM or 2AM or more. It’s already became a habit, my body and mind just won’t shut down if i sleep early. Although i still get enough sleep (7-8 hours) but my body’s metabolism seems not cooperating. Now i sleep early everyday (it takes sometime to adjust, but trust me it’s worth it), the range can be from 10PM-12PM max, it helps much with my acne.

  • Don’t moisture too much

I used to wear heavy cream everyday, and it turned out that is not necessary. Ever since i changed my cream with something lighter like essence, my skin feels better and not too suffocated.  Usually when i’m home, morning time i wash my face and  only put some toner. Then night time i do the same, plus the moisture essence. (When i go out, i use toner, essence, and then sunscreen).

  • Don’t be lazy to cleanse! Oily skin must double cleanse

I never double cleanse until a year ago. I never know and no one ever told me to double cleanse. Even after wearing makeup all day long, i either only use face wash, or i only use cleansing oil and i never properly toned my face after that (whattttt?) Now i always double cleanse especially when i wear makeup, or when i went out all day and i truly feels that it really helps to my skin because no dirt left on the skin.

  • Don’t stress out, make yourself relax

I feel that psychology  plays an important role too. The more you stressed out, more likely you’ll get breakouts. Try to relax and forget all the stress for a while. Look for something that may helps you with it. Maybe hanging out with friends, relax at home, light some aromatherapy candle, play games, or any fun and relaxing activities you can think of that can make you relax.

  • Don’t forget to exfoliate

Oily skin must never neglect exfoliate step. It’s because those who have oily skin have more likely clogged pores due to excess sebum trapped and mixed with dead skin cells. I never exfoliate until a year ago, and when i see the result of exfoliating, i said, dang! where have i been in my whole life?! For me personally, i can exfoliate up to 4 times a week if i want to (using milder exfoliator) and my skin didn’t react negatively to that. But over exfoliate also bad for your skin, so i suggest to try exfoliate twice a week like most of the dermatologists and exfoliator products suggestion. 4 times a week is just my personal experience, and once again.. the results may vary.

  • Don’t forget to clean your makeup tools regularly

I have a record for not cleaning my brush for around 2 years. Looking back, i really regretted it. I think that’s also causing my never ending breakouts.


I’m not saying that if you do all the thing that i mentioned above, you will get instantly clear skin, but for me, yeah at least it helps. And after i do all those things, i didn’t get totally clear skin like celebrities in beauty advertising also, my skin is still oily, acne still come back once a month (period acne), but in a milder way, almost no painful cystic acne anymore. I still have hyper pigmentation and scars, but my overall face is already clear and so much better than before.  Maybe i also got results from the products that i use now but i really do feel that changing bad habits is the most important thing before the products we use can give an amazing result.

I hope this post helps you! Ever suffered from breakouts? i would love to hear your experience and maybe we can share our tips for preventing bad acne breakouts in the comment below!


I’ll see you in my next post!


*lady pic credit : BSGstudio


  1. This is very inspiring and I used to always think that I had too much acne for my age (I don’t really have that much) and everyone will think I am unhealthy. But I just have to be confident and do my best to make my skin better in the best way possible. Lots of love from Truuty xxxx

  2. I loved this post! A beautiful base is really important for a flawless. Cleaning tools is one I started to do more now too lol

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