Day: July 31, 2016

My acne journey – bad habits that you should stop

Hey everyone! I’m back with another post and this time i want to share my acne journey. As i’m born with oily skin, i grew up with acne and acne scars everywhere, the acne location varies though. In my teenage time (the time when i don’t have a slightest idea about beauty & skincare), i had acne allover my cheeks, luckily it didn’t leave scars, but it did enlarge my pores. And after that, my acne location can be anywhere, you can’t even guess. From forehead, nose, chin, jawline, yeah.. basically allover the face.

In my college days, i even went to dermatologist and get prescribed cream, face wash, etc for my skin problem. It did help my skin condition, but eventually my skin gets immune to the cream. I’m stuck at certain level that i can’t get rid of my acne and acne scars completely, and when i stopped using the prescribed cream, my beloved acne will be back in no time.