Review & Swatches – Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint

Hey-ho! I’m back again this week with Chateau Labiotte wine lip tints review and swatches. I bought these lip tints along with the faceshop x disney cc cushion (you can see the review and swatches of it here). First of all, i got to know this lip tints quite a long time ago, and i already searched for some reviews and swatches online, but i don’t know for some reason i didn’t get to it until now. I bought two of them, one in shade CR01 rose coral and the other one is RD01 shiraz red. I bought these two colours because i want one for everyday use and one more for ‘special’ use. p.s : for those who don’t know about chateau labiotte yet, it’s a korean brand cosmetic, and they specialised in wine makeup & skincare. They got no official website yet and only physical store in korea.  But this particular product is already booming everywhere, so you can get in online for easily.

First, they described this lip tints as : ‘The long wearing tint dyes the lips with a bold yet delicate colour that resembles quality wine while moisturising the lips.’ And they have a total of 6 colours range for this lip tints collection


img credit : google

From the glimpse of the box, it looks like some sort of elegant – higher end makeup packaging. And when you open it, you can see the lip tint in miniature of wine bottle. Really cute! DSCF5243


The cap colour is indicating the colour’s inside the bottle. And when you open it, you can see the ordinary doe foot applicator.


It has a wine kinda smell, but mixed with some fragrance. There’s a little hint of sweetness when you smell it. Smells like artificial wine, but not so bad. The colour payoff is really nice especially the RD01 (darker shade). For the lighter shade you need to put a bit more of the product, but the darker shade, you need only a little to tint your lips. This wine lip tints also has taste to it. It tastes sweet and a little bit bitterness at the same time. I wonder whether they purposely making it tasted like that or what. For you who sensitive to taste and smell, and personally don’t like your makeup to have some taste and smell, you might want to skip this.



it has very nice tint

The tint power is so strong for the RD01. After i swatched the lip tints on my hand, i went to wash my hand but it didn’t work. Even after using the eye & lip makeup remover, it still holds on strongly. But eventually, the CR01 faded first, and the RD01 still there until night time (finally off after i washed it a couple of time with soap and remover).

Swatches on my lips (excuse my cheek and chin, i didn’t prep myself beforehand LOL)


bare lips


CR01 Rose Coral


CR01 Rose Coral


RD01 Shiraz Red


RD01 Shiraz Red

I’m amazed with the colour, tint power, and the packaging, but tbh i don’t like the smell of it and also the aftertaste. I also don’t know about the moisturising claim, because i didn’t feel that much of moisture (at least it didn’t crack my lips), but it’s still fun to use and keep your purse’s pretty and unique. p.s : for the darker shade, you need to be careful to apply it, or else, it would be a mess because it’s a tint, remember? and it seeps and sets to your skin really fast.

Conclusion :

Name : Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint

Price :  i bought it online for 11.000 won (converted)

Origin : South Korea

Pros : cute & unique packaging, tint power really nice, the colour itself also nice

Cons : artificial smells and has sweet-bitter taste

Rating :  2.5/5 (mainly because the taste and the smell)




I’ll see you in my next post!


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