Getting Kyshadow – One Minute War



img credit : google


Okay, so here i am. Sitting in front of my iMac, writing this post after i got shocked of 1 minute war of Kylie’s new eyeshadow palette. So, i’ve been following Kylie on snapchat and i saw her snapping her new eyeshadow palette, and dude, it looks so awesome. I must admit that the shadow’s is true warm tone and i don’t know if it’s a perfect fit for me. I mean, it’s all brown from what i see. Mostly nude – orange – brownish colour. But anyway, i really gathered up my intention to buy this palette along with some of the glosses. It launched on 26 July 2016 3PM PST which means 27 July 2016 5AM GMT in my country. Last night i set up my alarm and go to sleep with some mixed thoughts. I never get involved in Kylie’s products hype on her official web ever, it’s my first time.

I wake up at 4.45 AM the next morning, waiting nervously for the sale. The site already down preparing for the launch. And then exactly at 5AM, the site is opened, i rushed to put all my order together and desperately pressed check out button. I waited for 3 mins looking like this :


And the next minute they told me that it’s already sold out (-____-“)


Dudeeeee, cmonnnn….. and then, i want to complete the rest of my order, but i can’t find my country in the list (AWW MAN!). Okay it’s part of my fault since i never check the country list firsthand, but i saw the shipping policy briefly and i thought they shipped it worldwide (most of the countries are there, dude..)

After 2 major disappointment, i checked her snapchat and she said that the palette all gone in 1 minute only. Okay.. Now i’m feelin’ Kylie Jenner’s ads power too finally. She literally ruined my beauty sleep and i will get my revenge now *timetosleepagain*


swatches from Kylie’s snapchat

If i were to summarise, from a glimpse, the new kyshadow palette looks great, nicely pigmented but i dunno about the staying power and the texture. Incredibly in a warmer side and i’d say that this palette is a bit monotone but it’s great for warm smokey look or just everyday look.

How do you think about this new palette? anyone lucky enough to get this in today launch? please leave a comment below!


I’ll see you in my next post!





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