Review & Swatches – The Faceshop x Disney CC Long Lasting Cushion

Hey guys! I’m back again with another cushion review. Honestly.. i can never resist neither a greatly raved product or beautifully designed packaging. I become really curious and eventually i’m unconsciously bought it. I know that i’m just getting my gudetama cushion a short while ago, but i just can’t say no to this.. (my gudetama cushion review : here)

The Faceshop is collaborating with disney and they launched 3 different cc cushions with mickey mouse, winnie the pooh, and mike from monster inc as main character. I’m not sure whether this is a repackage products (or renaming old cushion) or they launched a brand new formula. I picked the mike one because of the packaging of course and also based on the info below, the mike cushion is the long lasting one also got sebum control, covering pores, and soothing effect. What a perfect description for what i need in my cushion. Though i love mickey and pooh too, but the ‘moisturising’ tag is really scares me out. So, i only bought the mike cushion. I think the pooh cushion targeted people with dry skin, and mickey mouse cushion is for normal to combination skin.


img credit : google

They have 3 different shades, and i got mine in V201. It comes with eco friendly recycled type of box which i love, and the case is 3D guys.. They really take the design to another level! I never see 3D cushion case before. This is so kewl!



i also love the puff, it’s so soft and bouncy


The texture and formula of this cushion is really awesome. So soft, easy to blend, has brightening effect, and doesn’t oxidise throughout the day. Doesn’t make my skin feels dry, but it has indeed matte finish. Really suitable for someone with oily skin like me. The coverage is medium. It’s really long lasting too. Not all day, but for decent hours.

I’m blotting my face after 4-5 hours after use this which i think it’s already very good. And i only got shiny on the nose mostly.


the colour really well matched, i really like it

Since i also just got the gudetama bb cushion, i’m comparing it now with this mike cushion.


The Faceshop has 3 different shades to choose, manwhile the holika holika only has 2 shades. From the shade number, these two supposed to be on similar level of colour, but when you look at it, the colour is really on different level. Holika holika cushion is really fair with slight pink base, meanwhile the faceshop cushion is light with yellow base. I think maybe the holika holika cushion No 21 is comparable with the faceshop cushion V103 although the base is definitely different. HH with pink base and TFS with yellow base.And for the formula comparison, i think you can compare with the winnie the pooh one, because the pooh cushion and gudetama cushion are both has dewy finish.


natural light


with camera flash

As you can see from the pic below, the finish of holika holika is dewy, and it reflects the shine when i took this pic with flash, in the other side, the faceshop cushion finish is indeed matte with no shine at all.


with camera flash

I definitely choose mike cushion over the gudetama cushion, sorry holika holika!

Overall, i really satisfied with the cushion itself. But just one thing that annoys me to the max.. It didn’t come with the precious refill.. and… they don’t sell the refill of this cushion version!! I really really pissed off *horns appear*. Because i really like the cushion, i wanted to stock the refill, so i asked the seller, do they sell the refill? And they said that there’s no refill out yet from the faceshop. I really wish that they will come up with the refill.. *cries*

Conclusion :

Name : The Faceshop CC Long Lasting Cushion (Disney edition)

Price : i bought it online for 25.000 won (converted)

Origin : South Korea

Pros : Brightening effect, matte finish, doesn’t oxidise throughout the day, sebum control, awesome 3D packaging

Cons : No refill at all

Ratings : 5/5


I’ll see you in my next post!



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