Review & Swatches – Kylie Gloss Shade Like

Hello everyone! i’m so excited for this review i’m about to do in a sec.. because i’m finally bought the Kylie’s gloss! I’m always skeptical about the liquid lipstick, because my lips are really dry and not attractive at all, and i think i’m not meant to be using liquid lipstick because the formula is tend to be drying the lip so i always held back to the Kylie’s matte liquid lipstick. Now she launches the gloss version, i’m so excited to try it.


Here’s the packaging of it. I bought it in shade ‘Like’ and it described as warm mocha brown. I saw swatches online, and from the reference pics, i’m drawn to ‘Like’ the most.


The applicator is different with the liquid lipstick. This has a brush applicator. Everybody is mentioning the vanilla signature scent of every single Kylie’s lip products and i think i’m obsessed with the smell. Usually i hate vanilla’s smell,but this smells really good. Not too heavily scented, and it’s addicting. The texture is really smooth and moisturising. I like how its moisturise my lips. It glides smoothly on my lips and the colour is really beautiful and opaque. But if you apply several coats to achieve a fuller look, it can feel a tiny bit tacky and maybe some of you may not like it. I, personally don’t mind because it’s only a tiny bit of tackiness and most of the gloss are like that anyway.

Move on to the swatches :


My bare lips – excuse my ugly lips, i don’t even wash my face yet when i’m shooting all these pics *LOLOL


My lips with the gloss (without liner or any base)


I really starts to addicted to this gloss. The only downside is the staying power. The gloss is literally only coating the lips, after i shoot this pic, i take a tissue paper and lightly dab it onto my lips and voila! the gloss is gone from my lips… almost all of it. So, my advice is to find a matching liner, fill in the lips with the liner first then coat it with the gloss. So, it’s not entirely gone after you drink (not to mention eating, it’ll be gone definitely if you’re using the gloss only).

Conclusion :

Name : Kylie Cosmetics Gloss in shade Like

Origin : USA

Price : US$15 + US$14.95 worldwide shipping

Pros : beautiful opaque colour, moisturising, smells so delicious

Cons : no staying power

Ratings : 4/5

Even though it’s so damn easy to disappear, i still like it because it’s so smooth and moisturising and i don’t mind to reapply. I’ll definitely saving up to buy the other shades and i’m also intrigued to buy the matte lipstick too now *walletscreams*


I’ll see you in my next post!



      1. I see.. That’s sounds deceiving. Though I don’t intend to achieve the same look because personally I don’t like my lips to be too pouty as hers 😊 but for those who bought the lip products because of they want to achieve the exact look, I can feel the disappointment 😶

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