Review & Swatches – Holika Holika Lazy & Easy Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB & Blush

Hi guys! back again with me today with another review of holika holika x gudetama cushion bb and blush. Nowadays, so many cosmetic companies in Korea using the chance of collaboration with cute & popular characters to make uber cute packaging of it. But, sometimes inside of it, still the same old product and formula (whaatttt….) and i think this is no exception. I’ve heard this photo ready bb cushion a long time ago, but i never owned it myself. I think i’ve seen it in Korea 2 years ago and i don’t think it’s a different product now. Last time, the packaging was all black and a bit unattractive, but now it’s different. It’s gudetama themed! i mean, who can resist such a cute packaging? (at least i can’t.. LOL) and i never try the photo ready cushion also, so i.. impulsively bought it.. *walletscreamsss* and in additional of it, i also bought the blush along with the bb cushion. There’s still a lot of gudetama version’s skincare and makeup, but i can’t afford to buy all the product at the same time (i’ve bought many of other new product for review purpose *onceagainwalletcriessss*), so i focused on the main makeup products, which is the bb cushion and the blush.

So, below was the old packaging that i mentioned before (you’ll agree with me about the packaging :p ) btw, i bought the cushion in shade 21 and the blush in shade CR01

anddddd below is the new packaging! *drumroll*




This is seriously cuteeeeee! cutest and bright packaging of all my cushions. I still like my missha brown packaging though, but as for now, this gudetama packaging surely the sole winner among my collections. They have 3 different cushion’s packaging with same bb product in it, and i choose the first one.


the 3 options of packaging (img credit : google)

I will begin the review with the bb cushion first. So here’s the packaging :



Things that i noticed is that when you push open the compact, the airlock also opens so you don’t need to open it 2 times (open the compact, then the airlock) like most cushions. I can see that they planned and applied their tagline ‘lazy & easy’ so well. If you’re a lazy butt, you’re too lazy to open the compact, now you can just push 1 time, and you’re done. Done opening the compact.. LOL. And other thing about this packaging, the case can’t be refilled with other cushion’s refill because of the ‘lazy & easy’ concept.

Also i noticed that it has slightly firmer cushion. It has slight smell (like typical sunscreen smell?) and i don’t think that’s disturbing. It has light to medium coverage and the texture is a bit sticky for my liking. There’s not much info on the box, but one thing for sure, the finish is dewy. Shade 21 is a bit light for me, but it’s still okay after i use contour and bronzing product. It gives a highlight effect, brightening some areas. But i won’t use this alone, because it can gives unnatural colour impression. It has minimal or no oil control at all, even after i set it with face powder, my face still shiny only after 2 or 3 hours max. In that case, i just blot my face with tissue paper and it looked better after that.



Aside from the packaging, i think this cushion is a so-so for me. It’s not totally meh, but it’s not that great either. It keeps your vanity or your makeup purse look totally cute and maybe to get some attention from your friends because of the cuteness :p

Move on to the blush..


seriously, i thought it will be a cushion blush, but it’s not. It’s a cream blush. I didn’t pay attention when i ordered it, so yeah.. but it didn’t matter so much to me, i just need the quality and of course cute presentation :p

This blush is in shade CR01 grapefruit. It’s so dang cute too.. (what else can i say?). One thing that annoys me, is the mirror. The mirror in this compact is only sticked by a double tip. Luckily it didn’t broke out when it arrives but the mirror comes off. That’s the only problem i faced with this blush.

The puff applicator is different with the bb cushion puff, it feels rubbery, i can’t quite explain, but this kind of puff is good for applying cream blush evenly. And the blush texture is like creamy dough. Pigmentation is great, staying power also great. It has slight grapefruit smell if you smell it straight from the pan, but after application, the smell will gone.


I really satisfied with the blush. Lovely colour, great pigmentation, easy application. If i have to choose, i will choose the blush over the bb cushion.

Conclusion :

Name : Holika Holika Lazy & Easy Face 2 Change Photo Ready Cushion BB & Blush

Origin : Korea

Price : i bought it for 23.000 won (cushion) and 8.375 won (blush) –> all price converted from my currency


Cushion : Cute and handy packaging, brightening effect, high SPF

Blush : cute packaging, great pigmentation, spreads evenly, long wearing, lovely colour


Cushion : minimal to no oil control, the formula is a bit sticky for my liking

Blush : the mirror only sticked using double tip


Cushion : 2.5/5

Blush : 4.5/5

** maybe the cushion is more suitable for normal to dry skin, for those who have super oily skin like me, you can still use this, but you’re at your own risk :p




see you in my next post!


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