Month: June 2016

June Singapore Haul

Hi everyone!

Finally i’m back with another haul post! So, last weekend i went to singapore for short family trip and i got a little crazy there and did my haul.


Review – E.L.F Baked Highlighter & Baked Blush

Hi guys!

Today i’m back with E.L.F baked highlighter and baked blush review. This highlighter and blush are not a new product in the market but i want to give my thought about it since i just bought it a few weeks ago and it’s my first time using e.l.f products. To be honest, i’m not a “baked” thing person, and also i’m not a highlighter person myself because of my oily skin type. But with the highlighter trends all over the beauty community, i’m tempted and finally decided to get one for myself. There’s so many different brand for highlighter out there, i’m quite hooked and eyeing for some certain brands for a long time, but considering that i’m not a highlighter person, and there’s possibility that i will not use it again after a few times, i don’t want to gamble and waste my money on high end product. After i go through some research, i decided to buy the e.l.f baked highlighter in moonlight pearls. It’s known to be the dupe for mary lou manizer highlighter from the balms cosmetic, many good reviews about it, and also i decided to pick the baked blush too in rich rose. 


Review – Etude House Berry AHA! Bright Peel Perfect Scrub

Hey everyone,

As promised, today i will be reviewing the product from my last may haul. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here. I’m really curious about this scrub and i also drawn into the bright pink packaging. This is the newer line of etude house, for this line they also have the peeling gel, bubble wash, sleeping pack, and boosting serum. From the name, you can already guess that this entire line supposed to make your skin to be brighter, fresh and smoother.


May Korean Beauty Haul

Hi Everyone!

I’m sorry for lack of post recently, i still adjusting life in new place, and nowadays i’m lacking inspirations. Anyway, last month i decided to go online shopping again, and this time i bought 3 skincare products and 1 makeup product. All of this stuff i randomly picked from the store, i did search for some reviews beforehand for the COSRX, but the rest i just picked because i’m curious about the product. These products just arrived today and i will not reviewing it yet for now, but i will do it soon after i’m testing it for some time.