Review – Son & Park Beauty Water

Hey guys! I’m back after a while not posting anything to my blog. Finally i moved and settled into my new house, and slowly but sure i’m getting everything under control. I realized that’s not easy to live by myself, while my hubby go to work early and go home late everyday. I need to adjust myself to this situation, living without my parents and maid and my 2 beloved dogs. Anyway, today i want to share with you my review on Son & Park beauty water. So many korean youtubers raving about this beauty water, i’m so curious and finally hauled it not too long ago, you can read about my haul here.

Son & Park brand formed by Son Dae-Sik and Park Tae-Yun. They are two artists that have spent their entire lives breathing beauty. Now they are highly regarded as the #1 makeup artists in Korea. They boast an incredible clientele to prove it, serving as the exclusive makeup artists of leading Korean actresses and actors. Famous for their “skin first philosophy,” Son & Park are about setting the canvas with good skin care, because it impacts the makeup you put on top. And then it’s all about the amazing textures and complementary colours that follow.

For the beauty water, they have 2 size and i bought the smaller one which is 340 ml. The packaging is simple and sleek, timeless. It made from plastic bottle, not glass. There’s a little explanation on the bottle, it says : ‘It is the smart cleansing liquid based on a natural plant therapy that exfoliates and moisturizes skin at once. Beauty water can be used daily, morning and evening. It is recommended as the first step for the perfect makeup. It cleans any old dead skin cells to make skin feel sleek and soft. It contains an array of skin loving ingredients to boost skin’s moisture immediately. Beauty water is also an ideal way to refresh skin anytime you want, mid day or when washing with a cleanser isn’t an option. You will instantly feel how young and healthy your skin is after this beauty water.’

This beauty water basically is a toner for use after you wash your face. It has nice fresh scent to it, not too strong, only linger for shortest amount of time when you first applied it onto your face. It really cleanse your face, even after i wash my face with peeling milk and gel cleanser, the dead skin cell is still there, and when i use the beauty water after i wash my face, i still can see the dirt on my cotton pad *OMG*



As you can see, the side with beauty water looks more soft and supple than the side without beauty water.

I really like this beauty water. It soothes my skin, and lifting all my remaining face dirt and dead skin cells. It can be compared with my all time favourite sana tonyu isofurabon toner, but with a little bit more strength to lift up the dirt. The only cons is that i must ordered it online, and the price is quite up there for drugstore kind of skincare. It’s around 36.000 won (converted) excluding the shipping fee. But performance wise, i really really like it and now i’m currently using it everyday as replacement for my sana tonyu isofurabon toner that is gone empty a little while ago. For you who wants to fly abroad to Korea, you can find son & park brand in olive & young store.

Conclusion :

Name : Son & Park Beauty Water

Origin : Korea

Price : I bought it online for approx 36.000 won (converted)

Pros : Nice fresh scent, very light texture, sleek packaging, great performance to lift up dirt and dead skin cells

Cons : Price a bit up there for drugstore brand, can’t access it in my country unless i bought it online.

Ratings : 5/5

Recommended item! Oh, btw for you who didn’t follow my posts, i’m asian with super oily and acne prone skin, also enlarged pores. I love this beauty water and it didn’t irritate my skin at all, and i saw a few bloggers/youtubers with dry skin type also loves this toner as much as i do 🙂


I’ll see you in my next post!


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