Review – Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack

Hello guys!

I’m back this time with berrisom my lip tint pack in sexy red review. I recently hauled this, if you haven’t read my haul post, you can read it here Part 1 and here Part 2.

So, i bought it out of curiosity because the tint pack seems to be very ‘in’ right now. I also curious about the famous etude house brow tint pack but i didn’t get to try it yet.


This lip tint comes in tube packaging, and it has 15g of product in it. I choose the colour sexy red after researching for a while. I saw the lighter colour didn’t show up nicely so i picked out darker colour. It has slight perfume smell to it, and when you applied it, it gives you cooling sensation. On hand swatch, it gives you nice tint and easy to peel.


You supposed to leave it on about 10 minutes for optimal results. for my hand swatch, i didn’t count but i leave it until it dries. Below are my lip swatch :


Application is not as smooth as i expect to be. It can be messy when you’re trying to spread it out evenly. The result is not bad, pigmentation is great for this particular shade, but i hate it that it seeps in to my dry lips and forming uneven coloration. However, it has great staying power (if you didn’t eat anything too oily).

For me personally, i prefer normal liquid lip tint or any lipstick or any lipgloss over this. I didn’t have much time for trying to apply this evenly then have to wait for 10 mins and peel it off. Too much hassle for me. And also, the uneven coloration also turned me down. I feel that i must have perfect moist lips to be able to use this without funny coloration.

Conclusion :

Name : Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack in Sexy Red

Price : around 7500 won (converted) – bought it online.

Pro : great colour payoff, lift up your dead lip skin cells

Cons : Uneven coloration, too much hassle and wasting time for applying only lip makeup

Verdict : it’ll be fun for first timer or to try something new, but for actual makeup routine, i will not use this at all. Not recommended if you want something that actually includes in your makeup routine. Big no.


I’ll see you in my next post!



  1. My friend has this product too. But when I want to tried it, I can’t stand the smell. It’s just to chemical for me, it felt like I did a laboratory work and have to handle some chemical formula but I didn’t wear a face mask. So I give up, and I kinda agree with your review.

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