Review – April Skin Magic Snow Cushion

Hi guys,

Today i’m back with my another review series. This time i want to review the most raved cushion nowadays. At first i don’t know about this brand at all, later i came across this on the internet and the more i researched it, the more i’m curious about it because there’s so many great reviews about this, such as this is the cushion that korean celebs and ulzzang rave about, great coverage, long lasting, etc. I’m not so sure about it, but i bought it anyway after i saw good deal from the online shop.

Mostly they sell it around 20.000 won (converted) but i got it for around 16.750 won (converted) plus free shipping direct from korea! so i thought, why not?

Then after around 1 week, my order arrived. I’m so excited, and i got to use it once when i went out last few days ago. I don’t know if it’s product defect or what but, i’m sorry to say.. this cushion is not worth the hype at all. First, the “great coverage” is not up to the rave, and i really hate that it won’t set onto my skin. I use my regular skincare and sunbase just like when i’m wearing another cushion, but with this cushion, it gradually clumps up and cracks when my face starts to get oily. especially on nose and chin area. It didn’t happen when i’m wearing other cushion or at least not that noticable by me. I’m so shocked when i saw my face cracked up so badly. Basically the foundation got separated with the oil on my skin and not sit still on the skin, if you know what i mean (not cracked because of dryness). It’s so horrible, and of course it’s also not long wearing enough.

So here’s what it looks like. Sleek black plastic packaging, comes with the puff. I like the puff though, soft and fluffy. By the way, i bought mine in shade number 23, because i saw the shade 21 is wayyyy too light for me (from what i saw on youtube and swatches online). And no 22 not that quite right for me because it’s pink beige tone, so i choose no 23 natural beige (i use IOPE N23 and Missha Magic Cushion no 23 too).



It’s not like common cushions, at first you’ll only see the cushion, not the actual foundation, until you pressed it for the first time, it came out and showed up. See mine? There’s still some areas that i’ve not pressed and it’s not filled up with the foundation.


I use 1 layer of this and as you can see, it has yellow undertone, and too bad it’s a bit darker than my actual face skintone, so it didn’t brighten up my skin. I’m so surprised that the no 23 is so dark but no 21 is way too light from what i saw on internet.


On the right is the april skin, on the left is my missha magic cushion, both in shade no 23.


Close up pic


The coverage isn’t that great, because 1 layer is definitely not much coverage but if you build it up, it can be so cakey and i can’t stand something like that. Both of the cushions below i put on top of bobbi brown gel liner in brown shade and i didn’t spread it out evenly, i just packed it up so you can see the coverage and the colour difference more clearly. I definitely choose my missha magic cushion over this cushion. At least it didn’t cracked me out and make me blotchy, spread easily and evenly on top of my skincare and more economical than the april skin. The missha magic cushion is more cheaper and it comes with refill + spare puff but the april skin didn’t.


This guy will be finding new owner soon. I will be giving it to my friend or relatives later on. So sorry but i have to say the rating is 1 out of 5 and definitely won’t repurchase it again.

**disclaimer : what works for me may not works for you and vice versa. I’m not trying to offend anyone by writing this review. If it’s worked for you and you love it, that’s great to hear! If you want to buy this but not so sure after reading my post, i’d say, try to research more besides my review, or go gambling like me. LOL


I’ll see you in my next post!




    1. According to testimonies by people such as bloggers, korean ulzzang, and actress, it’s a product with great coverage. They emphasize its strength in coverage, but i didn’t see that coming, unless you want your face to look like frosted cake with tons of layer. Try to google it bel, you’ll see what i mean.

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