Review – Ettusais White Shooter Dual Effect Moisturizer

Hi guys,

I’m back after 3 days of sickness. I really want to write a post because i already prepare the pics but i just can’t. So, now i’m feeling a little better, i want to share with you my review of Ettusais White Shooter Dual Effect Moisturizer. I bought this recently (i’ve mentioned it in my recent haul post, check it out –> here )

Bought this because lately i’m breaking out again pretty badly and leaving so many blemishes/acne scars all around my face and the description on the web is really tempts me. It says : A moisturizer that prevents recurring blemishes and lightens acne scars! This extremely lightweight moisturizer lightens stubborn blemishes and also prevents them from occurring! It has AC-Control Oil which helps to seal the moisture and the goodness of your moisturizer in. It has vitamin C, Winter Begonia extracts plus other brightening ingredients that heal blemishes, lighten acne scars and prevent pockmarks! The stratum corneum repair ingredient enhances skin barrier function to help it defend itself better against external aggressors.

DSCF0861 The price for this moisturizer in japan are 2700 yen, but it costs me around 3600 yen (converted) because i bought it online via personal shopper in japan. At first when i received this, i’m kind of confused because i thought that it would be ‘real’ moisturizer, I mean the moisturizer in cream form or slight lighter form than cream.. maybe heavy liquidy form? but it’s not. If you look at inside the bottle without opening it, you will mistaken this for toner. I’m not kidding you, haha.


This moisturizer is indeed light weighted. It’s almost like water but it’s not. It’s slightly thicker but only a tiniest bit. It has slight milky colour to it, and as the other ettusais products, it’s fragrance free and colorant free. When i put it onto my face, i definitely can feel that it moisturized my face without heavy cream feeling. It was a bit (really a bit) sticky at first but it goes away very quickly. I’m using it only in night time because i don’t like to combine moisturizer with my makeup in daytime. I’m using it around 2 weeks now.

I’m so far so good using this moisturizer, i didn’t see big change or difference though, but it helps to make my blemishes fade a bit and make my skin a bit brighter. Overall it’s a good product, i really like it. A little tip from me : although this moisturizer looks like watery toner, i suggest you don’t apply it with cotton, it would be so much product wasted and also it would be more greasy feeling because of putting too much to your face (i’ve done it once the first time i’m using it). Use clean hand, pour and rub it onto your hand and pat it gently onto your face.

Ratings : 4/5

Repurchase : Maybe, need to see the long term effect first (maybe a couple of month). will update it again here, or in my future monthly favourites


I’ll see you in my next post!


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