Beauty Haul Part 2 – Korean Brands

Hey guys!

I’m back as promised for my beauty haul part 2. For this haul, all are korean brands. I bought it online except the elastine shampoo, i bought it at my local korean mini market.


So the first thing that i bought is the shampoo. I like elastine shampoo and conditioner and i use it every since the first time i’ve tried it. Sometimes i switch between this shampoo and mane&tail shampoo. Overall it’s very good for normal to dry hair, smells really nice, lathers well, smoothing effect, good product! I bought it here for around 12.000 won (converted). Usually in Korea, they often have 1+1 sale or massive discount in lotte mart, so the price can be so much lower than that. But for me who lives outside of korea, this price doesn’t sound so bad. For me personally, one bottle can last for a decent amount of time so at that price i don’t think it’s too expensive at all.

The second is the COSRX acne pimple master patch. This one is like the nex care pimple patch if you’re familiar with nex care, this one do the same as nex care, just in different brand. Nex care is doing a good job as a pimple patch, but i feel that the patch is really thick and looks unnatural. And the clear patch also looks like more yellow. So i want to try different brand. The reason i choose this is because i heard the COSRX brand is famous for treating troubled skin (i’ve hauled the pimple pad in part 1 and it worked well for me) so i think why not try this thing? might be great also. I bought this for around 5.200 won (converted). It has 24 patches, quite little amount there, but i hope for great result!

Third is the COSRX low pH good morning gel cleanser. The reason that i get this cleanser is the same with the COSRX acne pimple master patch. I bought this for around 9300 won (converted). Good price for face cleanser. I feel like that i’m saving a lot of my money lately, because long time ago i used to use sk2 facial cleanser as my face cleanser when i have horrid pimple all over my face around 2 or 3 years ago and you all know how expensive it was. Nowadays i only use roadshop brands and it works well for me. Hopefully this works well too.

Fourth is the missha bubble maker. Bought this because based on the review online, the CORSX cleanser didn’t form much lather so i need the bubble maker to work the lather. Quite cute and the colour also so lovely, it’s cheap too. Only around 3000 won (converted).


Fifth is the faceshop natural sun no shine hydrating sun cream. Again, i bought this because of the CORSX product. Because i’m using the CORSX pimple pad, the review says that we need to pay more attention to sun protection when using BHA based product. Usually i only rely to my cushion’s or foundation’s SPF, but from now, i will use suncream for extra protetction. I will try and let you all know what i feel about this suncream. I bought this for around 14.000 won (converted).

Sixth is the skinfood mineral colour fix brow mascara. With my current hair colour, my brow colour is not match at all. I have black brow and light brown hair. Even though i use brown eyebrow pencil, it still looks awkward, so i decided to get a brow mascara to colour my brow. I randomly picked it up, no special reason why i choose this one. It costs me around 7900 won (converted).


Lastly is the holika holika wonder drawing skinny eyebrow pencil. I’ve tried the original version and i like it so i want to try this new version. It’s so skinny compared to the original version. I also got shocked when i first saw it :’) It costs me around 7100 won (converted).

That’s all for my part 2 haul. I will try all the products and will reviewed it soon! so stay tuned for my next post! 🙂



  1. COSRX really does do what it claims to do! I am loving their BHA Returning A-Sol! Gave me smoother skin overnight. Anyways, love the haul and mini reviews 😀

    1. I’m currently using the pimple pad and it does make my skin way smoother, at first i’m using it everyday and my skin can’t quite handle it. Now i’m using it less, my skin seems in better condition. I also intrigued by their rice mask, will purchase it later >.<
      Thanks for stopping by and reading my post! :*

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