Review – Missha x Line Friends Magic Cushion (+ comparison with IOPE & The Faceshop)

Hi guys!

Today i’m back with another review, this time i’ll be reviewing the latest collection of missha, missha x line friends magic cushion! I know it’s a little bit late, but better late than never, ha! Aside from reviewing it alone, i also decided to make a quick comparison with some of my other cushion and cc cream. I’ll be comparing my missha brown magic cushion in shade 23, IOPE air cushion XP N23, IOPE air cushion XP C21 (my mom’s) LOL, and The Faceshop aura CC cream in no 1.

** The Faceshop aura CC cream i got a while ago, so i don’t even know whether they still have it or not because the korean brand’s products tends to rotate quickly unless that’s their no 1 best seller, or they repackage it with different case.

So, first let’s talk about the packaging!

Missha magic cushion has the cutest packaging of all obviously! It’s made from plastic, but not really cheap looking. I think for the price, this is quite nice. The faceshop aura cc’s packaging material is slightly better and heavier though the mirror inside is not full size as the 2 others and to be honest, i don’t like too much writing on the top of the cushion, i would prefer simple elegant packaging with only the brand’s name on top or simple art or pattern on it. The most elegant looking is the IOPE air cushion XP’s packaging of course. It has pearly exterior with silver rim. For the packaging design, the winner is IOPE. The design is simple, elegant, and timeless. But for my preference right now, i’m picking the missha magic cushion of course! It’s so cuteeeee!


Look how cute the brown bear from line friends!!



Oookay… the puff also to die for >.<

Next, let’s talk about the cushion itself. The colour, texture, staying power, coverage, etc (okay, the faceshop aura cc not even a cushion, but because the packaging is really similar, so i threw it in too).

I captured the swatches over few different lighting to show you guys how’s the colour and the texture of the cushions.


Over the shadow


Before coverage test

As you can see in the pictures, the faceshop aura cc no 1 has the most light colour among all, because the 2 others are number 23, but even compared to IOPE C21, it still has slightly lighter shade. And for the missha one, it has quite fair colour for number 23 shade. Even lighter than IOPE N23.


Missha magic cushion has matte finish (not flat matte) but compared to the faceshop it’s still has quite glow to it. The faceshop aura cc is really true matte finish for me. As for the IOPE, obviously the finish is dewy.

The coverage of missha magic cushion is so great! I’m really impressed.. It’s not cakey at all, blends really well and the coverage is just WOW! Coming after that in terms of coverage is the faceshop aura cc cream. I also really like this cc cream, but the downside of this product is that it’s not really cushion, the product only comes out from the center and it’s kind of hard to fastly spread out to the face, it tends to piling up on the certain place of the puff.  And lastly, in terms of coverage, the IOPE obviously below missha and the faceshop.


I don’t know why but as seen from pic above, the IOPE N23 covers more better than the C21 that supposed to do better job in terms of coverage. I’m using mac gel eyeliner in brown to test out the coverage, and i only applied 1 layer of the product on the eyeliner marks. So far, missha magic cushion doing really great job, the coverage is similar to the faceshop aura cc, but i prefer the missha cushion for the ease application.

Next, for staying power, all of it has average power around 4 hours and i need to touch up after more than 4 hours depending on what activities i had that day. Definitely i need to blot though.


Final verdict :

Missha magic cushion is really nice cushion. Uber cute packaging, nice medium to full coverage and easy to blend, value for money. I bought it for around USD 13 (converted) for 1 cushion with case, 1 refill, and 1 refill puff.  Though the staying power is average, i still love this cushion and don’t mind it at all. I’ll recommend you to try this cushion and experience it yourself!

As for comparison with other cushion/cc, i still pick the missha cushion to be the winner. The IOPE is not that bad, and i used to like it a lot in the past, but now i prefer more coverage in cushion, and also not to mention that IOPE is much more expensive. I think missha only half the price of the IOPE. That’s also the important factor for me :p. If you’re looking for really natural finish, and you’re not having major imperfection on your skin, you can try IOPE, it’s nice too.

And for the faceshop, the price is slightly higher than missha (i forgot how much) and it did great job for coverage and texture, but too bad it’s not in cushion form. I prefer cushion form better than the pump out form like that.

Missha magic cushion is truly my new favourite, i even abandoned my other foundations this past week. I can’t believe that either. Thumbs up!




I’ll see you in my next post!


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