Asian Beauty Haul Part 1

Hey guys!

I’m so excited to share with you my current beauty haul! I bought some of the items separately and wait until all come together so i can share the haul with you all. I still have my part 2, so stay tuned also! (i will post in depth review of the products below soon after i tried it all so bear with me!)


Okay here we go! So i’m shopping online and apparently i can’t control myself at that time. I can’t resist new and hype products and always want to try it somehow.

The 2 products i got from ettusais japan are the clear spots superior and the white shooter dual effect. They’re not new but i got it because the clear spots superior really works for me, i got it as replacement for my old one. As for the white shooter, i never use it before but i decided to try the product as well. The clear spots superior is for acne treatment spot, you can see my review of this in my recent post:

As for the white shooter, the website says : This extremely lightweight moisturizer lightens stubborn blemishes and also prevents them from occurring! It has AC-Control Oil which helps to seal the moisture and the goodness of your moisturizer in. It has vitamin C, Winter Begonia extracts plus other brightening ingredients that heal blemishes, lighten acne scars and prevent pockmarks! The stratum corneum repair ingredient enhances skin barrier function to help it defend itself better against external aggressors. I’m really curious about this because the explanation on the web really tempt me to try this.

The rest of my haul are korean brand. I got COSRX one step pimple clear pads, got this because of the korean youtubers are really into it. I never heard the brand COSRX before but the hype is reaching for me, so i had to buy one (yes, excuses!). It claims to be able to reduces acne breakouts and promotes clearer skin. Containing Betaine Salicylate that removes dead skin cells without irritation and give you a clear skin tone. It also promotes gentle exfoliation of dead surface skin cells to enhance the skin regeneration process. Effectively helps to manage skin troubles and provide sebum care. Hopefully it’ll works for me!

I also got the berrisom lip tint pack in sexy red. I didn’t search reviews for this but i’m just curious about the tint pack application and i’ve heard somewhere that it can stain your lips for a decent hours, that’s how this tint pack ends up in my cart >.<

Next, i’m soooo excited! it’s missha x line friends magic cushion and tension blusher!! I got mine in shade 23 for the cushion, and PK02 for the blusher. I can’t wait to give my review on it. It’s already a long time ago since the last time i use bb or cc cushion. Nowadays i only use normal, western brands foundation. And this cushion’s case is sooo cute. I really love brown and cony from line friends! *faint*

The last but not least, it’s son and park beauty water. Again, i got this because of youtube influence. The website says : A cult favorite multi-tasking item for beautiful skin, created by master artists Son Dae Shik & Park Tae Yun. Exfoliate, cleanse, tone or hydrate your skin with this IT item that can be used in the morning for a wake me up, a midday pick me up, or a nighttime tidy me up after cleansing. Leave your skin more refined and purified skin formulated with nutritional ingredients like coconut, willow bark, papaya extract, lavender water, rose flower water, and other skin benefiting extracts. Deliver hydration to your skin for a brighter, smoother and more even complexion. I bought this because i’m run out of toner. Usually i use my tonyu isofurabon toner, and i really love it. But this time i’m considering to try different product and if the son & park toner didn’t work for me, i will back to my tonyu isofurabon again (sorry for betraying you pals! *sobbb*)

So, thats all from my part 1 haul. Any of you ever tried those before? How’s your experience? I would love to hear your thoughts!


I’ll see you in my next post!


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