Battle of the Concealer

Hey guys!

As promised, i will be reviewing the 3 concealers that i have and used in my makeup routine. Yes, i only have this 3 concealers, i don’t know why but i’m not very picky and impulsive about concealer. I only use what i have and i will search for another one when i’m about to finish the current one.

Currently i have maybelline fit me concealer in shade 10 light, benefit boiing concealer in shade 01, and my current empty 3ce full cover concealer in shade 002. I will be comparing these three products, sharing my experience while using these and pick my most favourite one. Here we go :


First i’ll talk about the color and texture. As you can see in the pic, the 3ce more like salmon colour, the maybelline more to yellow tone, and the benefit boiing is the lightest and more cool toned among them all. 3ce has creamy texture, maybelline fit me has way more creamy liquid-y texture and benefit boiing has the stiffest texture among all.

Maybelline fit me is the easiest to blend, the 3ce comes second but doesn’t mean that it hard to blend, and the last is the benefit boiing. I really don’t like the texture. It’s the least creamy and so stiff that it doesn’t blend well. Moreover, it accentuates my pores and skin texture.


In the pic above, i applied the concealer over the liquid black eyeliner and later i also use some over the colourpop lippie stix. When it’s not yet blended, The cover power are almost the same, except the benefit boiing did a slightly better than the other two.


After blended, the benefit boiing still did a good job for covering, but in the real life and usage on the face, i prefer the maybelline fit me or the 3ce more than the benefit boiing, especially for under eye area.

Summary :

3ce full cover concealer

  •  Pro : Good coverage, Can be used both for under eye or spot concealer, creamy consistency.
  •  Con : Not really long wearing, easy to smear.


Maybelline fit me concealer

  • Pro : Good coverage, easiest to blend among all, can be used both for under eye or spot concealer, long wearing, creamy consistency, value for money.
  • Con :  I find that sometimes when i used it under my nose area, or somewhere more oily, it will eventually gunked up and i need to fix that as quick as possible because it’s so ugly.


Benefit boiing concealer

  •   Pro : Best coverage, long wearing
  •   Con : Hard to blend, accentuate pores and skin imperfection, cannot use for under eye concealer because it will accentuates the line and the under eye texture.


Verdict : Through all the pros and cons, i choose the maybelline fit me concealer as the winner. None of these concealer is perfect fit for me, but for now i’m happy to use the maybelline fit me concealer as my regular everyday concealer whenever i wear makeup. I must be careful for putting the concealer on the risky area though because it will gunked up after a while.

After writing this post, i realized that i must find the perfect concealer for me. Stay tuned guys! i will update you all again when i got new holy grail concealer!


See u all in my next post!


    1. Thanks for your compliment! i haven’t try the Nars yet because i saw reviews online and most of the reviewers said that the maybelline fit me is basically the same with the Nars one. Maybe i should buy it too to see the difference myself. Thanks for your recommendation! :*

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