Hi guys,

Today i want to talk about my current empties. For me, it’s so hard to have empties collection in short amount of time unless i use it religiously. So, after quite a long time using these guys, finally they gone for good! I will be talking about the 3 products that i used up like mini review so you’ll get 3 mini reviews at once in 1 post! convenient,huh?

So let’s get started!


Starting from the left, it’s ettusais clear spots superior. Basically it’s an acne spot treatment. So you supposed to put a thin layer onto your active pimple. For me, this baby actually a life saver! It dries my pimples quickly, sometimes overnight only. But, you know, everyone’s pimple is different, even mine sometimes the ettusais can dry it overnight, but sometimes it won’t dry that quickly. Usually when my pimple only at early stage (red without the white fill and painful), i put it at night time, and tomorrow morning i wake up with less red spot and the pain is gone. When the pimple already at later stage (about to popped out already) usually it need more time to help the pimple heals. Overall, this product doing a great job. It didn’t irritate my skin, doing great job for the pimple, good packaging. I love the clear spot superior so much, and i already bought the replacement for this 😀  It retails for 2700 yen. Not cheap but not that expensive either.

Now move on to the center, it’s innisfree no sebum mineral powder. This is also my holygrail. I don’t have any left so i can’t show you what it looks like. It’s only a white powder for setting on your makeup. It works so well for controlling the sebum on my face. Prolonged my makeup wear time, gives matte finish, didn’t make my makeup looks cakey at all. I didn’t have backup for this as all of my powders (5 of it) finished by my mom. She’s using it everyday with no rotation at all with other products. I still have the pressed version though, so i will use that first and will order the new one later.

Lastly it’s 3ce full cover concealer. Don’t be fooled with the bottle appearance, it’s already finished (though still left tiny bits here and there on the applicator and the bottle). I can’t scrape it cleanly because of the bottle’s neck is so small, i can’t turn around the applicator to get the product left on the bottle. I finished this because that time, i didn’t have other concealer (i do have boi-ing by benefit but i don’t quite like it). This concealer blended nicely, not very creamy but quite nice to use. I use it mostly for covering my acne scars. So far it doing a great job as a concealer, but for now i will not repurchase it because i’m trying maybelline fit me concealer now and so far i’m very satisfied with it. I will make a separate post regarding to this and make a comparison for the current 3 concealers that i have so stay tuned for that post!


I’ll see you in my next post very soon :*


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