Review – Colourpop Lippie Stix

Hello there!

This time i want to share my thoughts on colourpop lippie stix. I know it is a little late to talk and review about colourpop lip products because it’s already become rave since last year and i think most people who loves makeup already know this product and mostly already owned it, especially the matte liquid lipstick version. And fellow bloggers already reviewed it since long long time ago. Nevertheless, i just discovered it, bought 3 of it and play with it recently and i just can’t resist to share my thoughts on it in my blog, so here we go!

First, i don’t have the box with me. I already thrown it away. So this is what it looks like :


I really like the packaging. Reminds me of copic markers but in a slimmer packaging. So cute, looks like colouring pen from afar. Just in case you don’t know what is copic markers, it’s a brand name of colouring pen. This is what it looks like :


**pic credit of copic markers belongs to their respective owner. Found it on google images.

I bought mine in 3 shades, lumiere (matte), ellarie (matte), and frida (satin). There are few finishes for the lippie stix like matte, satin, creme, and hyper glossy. Now, why i didn’t buy the liquid lip version? at first i really want to buy the liquid lip version, but i thought that the formula won’t suit me (originally i don’t like to wear lip product and i don’t like my lip colour to be opaque) and i can’t play sheer with the colour. So with that consideration in my mind, i decided to buy the lippie stix one because from what it looks and reviews online, it will be more easier to handle. But now after having these, i’m considering to try the liquid lip too because that’s da bomb all over the internet.


When you open the cap, you have to twist the body so the product comes out. It has pointy application which i like. It smells sweet but obviously artificial and half chemical. After you applied it on your lip, the smell still lingers for around 5 to 10 mins i think. Nothing too bothering about the smell and the application method. **pic below from the left : lumiere, frida, ellarie.


The colour payoff is great, application is smooth but for me personally i’m still struggling sometimes because my lips mostly dry and chapped. But if you have normal lip, you will have no problem putting this on. The satin finish more creamy than matte finish, and more transferable and faded more quickly than the matte finish.


Overall i really like this lippie stix. Great colour, great value for money, great packaging, long lasting (matte version). If you ask which one is my fav, i choose lumiere as my fav because it looks most gorgeous on my lips among the three. For ellarie, i don’t know why but when i put it on my lip, it looks more purple-ish than red-ish. I still like it but when i bought it, i’m thinking of true red colour instead of another hue. Frida is great for everyday wearable colour. If you, by any chance, not yet try this lippie stix, i recommend you to try it. Even though it’s hard to choose the right colour for your lip among dozens of their colour choice online (my country doesn’t have it so i need to bought it online), but it’s so cheap yet it’s so good so it wouldn’t hurt to have several of them at once :p


I’ll see you in my next post!


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