Review – Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder

Hi all!

Today i want to share my thought on Rimmel stay matte long lasting pressed powder. I bought the shade 001 transparent because i want to use it only as a setting powder after my foundation.

I bought it because many of beauty gurus loved it so much that they mentioned over and over again in their beauty favourites. Before i tried this one, i used to use innisfree no sebum mineral powder as my setting powder and i love it so much. I expect that the rimmel powder will be the western version of innisfree mineral powder that i loveee so much.

So this is what it looks like :


The packaging is somewhat okay for me, but others said that the cap/lid is so fragile. So far i never brought it with me, i only put it in my drawer and use it when i’m putting my makeup at home so i don’t have issues with the packaging.


It has slight smell to it and i like the smell. The texture was so smooth and there’s a bit shimmer glow to it. But if you applied it over foundation, the shimmer will not stand out so don’t worry. It’s best applied with powder brush for flawless airy finish.


It says that it can gives you up to 5 hours natural shine control. For me personally, it doesn’t hold well. My face starts to shine 2 hours after applied and after 1 time blotting, the shine will appear faster than ever. It has nice feel right after applied though. Blurring my pores and smoothing my skin’s texture. I feel like walking straight to the ‘trap’ similarly like when one shop had discount banner on the window saying it has up to 50% discount but what i get inside only 20% discount. yeah, that kind of feel. I’m not saying that this powder is that bad and everyone’s skin are different, but for my zuper oily skin, it doesn’t works well though it has beautiful finish when i first applied it. My innisfree powder definitely can hold up longer than this. For those who have normal or normal combi skin, i bet this powder will works for you! For me, i like it but i will only use it when i go out briefly. If i need to be outside the house with makeup for all day long, i prefer to use my innisfree powder ( i tried using rimmel powder once before for 12 hours both outdoor and indoor, and i ended up like a mess).


For reference above, i use 3ce back to baby bb cream on my hand and half right of my hand i cover with rimmel powder and half left only bb cream. As you can see, the bb cream itself accentuate my fine lines and it was so glowy but the rimmel powder blurred it a little bit and make it look matte, a healthy matte. Also, the bb cream actually quite fair (they only got 1 colour) and rimmel powder toned it down a little bit (the left side more fair than the right side). That means that the transparent is not actually transparent, it has slightest tone to it. But if you use the powder with ‘not so fair’ foundation, it’ll not change your foundation colour. In a contradiction, it’s great if you want to tone down a slightest bit if your foundation being too fair.

From my wallet’s point of view, this powder definitely wallet friendly. I bought this for around usd 11 (converted from my currency). The pan is quite big, if you not use it everyday on a big amount, it’ll last forever. My only complaint is the staying power and the ability to control shine for super oily skin like me. I will still continue to use it as alternative for my other setting powders though.



I’ll see you in my next post!




** I never use and combine 3ce bb cream with rimmel powder on my actual makeup routine because the bb cream itself was so glowy and too fair for my face. It’ll be useless if someone with oily skin like me using a glowy finish bb cream with setting powder and still seeking the shine control ability of the powder. I use it as demo for my post to show you the difference of glowy and mattified side with rimmel powder on it because my other foundation’s finishes are not as glowy as the 3ce bb cream so it’s hard to tell from the picture. Even when i use 3ce bb cream, the picture still can’t capture the glowiness that much.




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